What is WYSIWYG?

What is WYSIWYG?
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Do you know WWW was used to known as YSIWYGW before its names changed? Not just this, but there are several other interesting facts too related to WYSIWYG. If you want to know more about it, you have come to the right place. Let's begin!

Understand the meaning of WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG has a complete form what you see is what you get. It is a kind of editing software that provides users to explore and edit the content present on the interface. This interface can belong to any website, webpage, or slide presentation. The documents and word docs can also be considered into it. The primary function of WYSIWYG is to preview the users about their webpage or content. They don't need to execute coding or other technical development to see their content. You can also make changes in the system, which will directly appear in your final content. There is no need to make any separate changes in the fundamental coding. The output gets changed completely on its own. You can design and edit it, and the final content or version will appear the same.

Microsoft word is also a form of WYSIWYG editor. So when you begin writing something, the changes get stored on the document in Word. You get a blank page for complete formatting. Then, you design and edit it as per your format. This includes tables, adding images, etc. Then, at last, you get the final version. Now, if you will mail it or open it on someone else's device, the final version will also look the same with the same content. However, there are different types of WYSIWYG editors. Some are used for text editions, while others are used for graphics. The conventional plain text editors are also different from the new ones. They are used for making websites and designing web pages. Plain text editors enable you to see the final version just as you edit it. 

These editors use the content without incorporating any commands. For instance, the user makes a document on the word processor. Then, the same format will be transformed into PDF or printed document form.

Before WYSIWYG, mainstream coding was dominated by descriptive codes, also known as mark-ups. However, they are much more complex and less efficient. Therefore, the use of WYSIWYG became more prominent. The very first word-processing program was Bravo. Charles Simonyi developed this. The development occurred at Xero Palo Alto Research Center in the 1970s. Then, later taking it as the fundamental base, other editing applications were developed by Microsoft, which are known as Excel and Word. On the internet, information about websites can be kept in various formats, including words, photographs, videos, etc. All this information can be developed and changed by using this format.


WYSIWYG is a revolutionary tool that changed the content development and designing process. It made the complete process of webpage designing or content designing very simple and comprehensive. Today, several more developed formats of this editor are used.

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