What should you do & don'ts do when you are at a Thai restaurant?

What should you do & don'ts do when you are at a Thai restaurant?
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22 November 2022

The Thai restaurant is on the top priority list for all visitors. However, before entering any Thai restaurant, you should be clear with some facts. Here we share a friendly guide of dos and don'ts which you should follow. So, let's get into the Thai food Victoria restaurant guide.

What should you follow when you are at Thai restaurants?

Expect to share your dishes: Here, rice will be served in a large bowl so you can scoop it out in a required portion. It would be best if you shared the meals when you were in a group. You can try different dishes on your table. Make sure to ask for the sharing spoon when you need it!

Balance the dishes: Balancing the Thai food Victoria dishes is the art. When you reach the restaurant, you will be slightly confused because of the many options. You should know the art of balancing out the plate. It is recommended to order 2 to 3 spicy foods with some sweet, savory dishes to make balance.

Remember to pace yourself: When you are at a social gathering or visit a restaurant with your friend, you must try the different dishes. While sharing the food, put one to two spoonsful of dishes by ensuring that the left amount of food is sufficient for the other people. You might seem rude when you accidentally take much food on your plate.

Use condiments: Spicing up the food & asking them to get extra condiments is normal in any other restaurant. But when you are at Thai restaurants for Victoria Thai food, you don't need to ask them because they will serve you before you ask them! 

Use the spoon and fork: Do you know the right way to use a spoon & fork? It would be best if you learned the art of using both a fork and spoon together. Hold the form on the left & spoon on the right when you are eating rice. Use a fork and push the food to the spoon. When you eat noodles at Victoria Thai food, they will serve your chopsticks. For western dishes, they will serve knives.

Don't be too eager to pay the bill: When the bill arrives, there is no need to pay eagerly. If you are the host, it's okay, but if this is a group meal, sit calmly on your seat and divide the amount. In most restaurants, you are also not obligated to tip. Sometimes the restaurants will charge more than 10% service charge. If you want to present a tip, you can leave the change on your table.

Be aware of the Thai antiquates: You should be aware of the Thai antiquates. Don't believe in any guide because some of them are misleading you only to just get the money. It will be better to reach the restaurant and ask them about the top-rated dishes.

By following the above-discussed guide, you can confidently visit Little Thai Place.

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