What Should You Do If Your Car Tyre Bursts While Driving?

What Should You Do If Your Car Tyre Bursts While Driving?
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07 September 2022

It's interesting to consider that when you drive a car, its four tyres are in contact with the road. However, only a small portion of each tire's exterior surface area is ever in contact with the road. Tyres are crucial to our safety because you rely on them. However, what should be done if one of our tyres blows while driving?

This article will explain how you can mend the tyre and what must be the characteristics of the tyre.

Various Characteristics Of A Tyre Burst On The Road

A tyre rupture is seen as being very dangerous. This might result in a car becoming entirely out of control, which could have terrible consequences. In addition, some automobiles can wind up rolling during a similar incident.

Under-inflated tyres flex excessively, which will constantly enhance your friction patch with the roadway and is the most typical reason tyres blow out. This causes a greater frictional force to strengthen, resulting in an excessive buildup of warmth inside the tyre.

How Often Could A Car Tyre Explode?

Fortunately, modern tyres are so highly advanced that there is a lower likelihood of bursting. However, every vehicle owner should be aware of what to do in case it occurs at some point. You can look for tyre brands in UAE to ensure you have all-season tyres.

What To Do When Your Car Tyre Burst?

Everything relies on how quickly you were moving when the explosion occurred. The automobile's motion will increase speed, increasing the impact and lengthening the time it takes to stop. So a tyre rupture that happens while moving at 90 km/hr is much less dangerous than one at 120 km/hr. However, it's possible that you won't constantly be allowed to drive at 90 km/h on the motorway.

When driving, kindly use caution and comply with all traffic laws. Additionally, always check to see if your car's tyres are safe for the road and properly inflated. Here are some of the steps you must acquire while driving.

  1. Do not slam on your brake
  2. Slow down steadily
  3. Drive straight on the road
  4. Let the vehicle slow down

1.    Do Not Slam On Your Brake

The first thought that occurs to a driver's head in an emergency, like a tyre blowout, may be to utilize the brakes as fast as possible. After all, you want to stop the automobile as quickly as possible. But, unfortunately, doing something like that would be dangerous since the rapid braking may completely wreck the car. This is due to the burst tire's absence from the regular braking phase.

2.    Slow Down Steadily

Allowing the automobile to decelerate instantly would be slightly comparable to sudden braking. Instead, let the vehicle slow down slightly. A tyre manufacturer recommends that perhaps the speed now of the tyre rupture be maintained for a brief period before being reduced. The ruptured tyre itself will play a major role in the process of slowing down. If you are currently utilizing cruise control, turn it off right now.

3.    Drive Straight On The Road

The last option you would want is to corner or twist the car, making it more unstable. Instead, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and drive as steady as you can. Your automobile could be pulled to the left or right by powerful forces. While the automobile is unstable, refrain from jerking the steering wheel because this could lead to significant issues.

4.    Let The Vehicle Slow Down

You may shift into a lower gear to have the engine brake a little earlier. However, you shouldn't start applying little pressure to the brakes until your automobile is moving slowly. The car may continue operating even if the ruptured tyre has stripped off and is running on its bare metal rim. At all costs, stay away from stopping in the path of passing vehicles on the road since this might be deadly. Don't forget to turn on the warning lights.

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