What to do in El Paso

What to do in El Paso
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1. Ysleta Mission: A Parish that Never Perishes

In the city in El Paso, Texas, there's El Paso, Texas' Ysleta Mission. It is located within the Tigua Indian community, in which the culture and faith are a part of the fabric. Founded by Don Antonio Otermin and Rev. Fray Francisco Ayeta, the Ysleta Mission is regarded by many as the primary and longest-running parish still operating in all of Texas. Respect the tradition, religion and past with the most enjoyable and educational trip through the mission's stunning Adobe walls and stunning shining silver dome.

Take some time to explore the splendid attractions of this place, and make your trip worthwhile. While booking your flights from Houston to El Paso, don’t just fool around restaurants and tall buildings. Instead, take a good note of what’s under the table. 

2. Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Hear the Canyon Call

The park is known for its sparkling white Salt Basin Dunes and its stunning salt-white Salt Basin Dunes, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park is situated deep in the Chihuahuan Desert on the west side of Texas. Explore the canyons and mountains and spectacular night skies dunes, deserts and stunning views within this National Park. As a hub for the expansive Permian fossil reef, the stunning national park offers visitors the chance to discover the various species of marine life in the 86,367 acre of terrain.

3. National Border Patrol Museum: High-tech Historic Haven

In the middle in El Paso, Texas, is El Paso, Texas. It is home to the National Border Patrol Museum. It was established in 1985. This landmark museum was built in a sprawling area that covers 10,000 square feet. It it is the sole museum in the country that recognizes its patrons, the Border Patrol. Travel through the US Border Patrol's rich and varied history through beginning in the Old West up to today's technologically advanced Patrol. See the remaining fragments of the past with displays of weapons, paintings documents, artifacts, documents and even 'hands-on' vehicles such as the Jeep. The best part is that admission is absolutely free!

4. El Paso Museum of Art: Explore History Through Art

In Downtown El Paso, the El Paso Museum of Art serves approximately 100,000 visitors each year. It has the distinction of being the only museum of art which has been accredited in a radius of 250 miles since it was first awarded the distinction in 1972. The art on display in those walls El Paso Museum is simply stunning. Explore the Victorian mansion, which is a style and look at the 19th and 20th-century art collections of the most contemporary Mexican as well as Southwestern United States artists. The ambience wall-to-wall art, simple and serenity within the walls of the museum will inspire you to stay longer than you initially thought.

There are several places to discover and learn more about this place. So, if you’re visiting and taking flights from Houston to Orlando, then take a stroll of the entire city and find out what’s hidden in those tiny bustling streets. Also, book your tickets with Lowest Flight Fare to avail impressive deals.

5. El Paso Zoo: Study the Species

If you're in search of something different from the norm for El Paso, the El Paso Zoo is the best option. The 14-hectare (35-acre) facility has more than 200 species of animal, a few of which are endangered. Discover the various animals from Africa, Aisa, and the Americas. The fact that every species lives in an environment that is a replica of their natural habitat gives a real-life glimpse of what their natural habitat might be like. This allows you to travel across different continents in one location.

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