What to do with unused printer ink cartridges

What to do with unused printer ink cartridges

Have you bought a new printer because your old one gave up the ghost? Maybe you also made a conscious decision to buy a new device with better performance? Perhaps you are also a retailer of printer accessories and still have slow sellers or promotional items in stock? Then don't simply dispose of your full toner, but help seriously ill children and their families. We will be happy to explain how this works and what it brings. You can et more information by visit this post connect laptop to printer.

Do good with unused toner

You should not simply throw away and thus dispose of full toner residues improperly anyway. After all, you can still earn money with the sale of toner cartridges in their original packaging - even as a dealer who keeps returns or unsold special offers in stock; at dietonerverwerwerter we still pay decent prices for full toner purchases. Instead of putting the money in your own pocket, you can use your full toners to help people who urgently need support: for example, seriously ill children in Germany who miss being close to their own families in their most difficult hours.

Instead of filling out forms with OEM numbers, inquiring about the items and then comparing the offers of the purchase prices for unused toners, you save time with our offer and do something good at the same time. Simply request a pre-franked parcel stamp, send your parcel to RestToner.de and be happy that a child in one of the numerous children's hospitals in Germany is happy to be closer to their parents again.

Who can I help with my old toner leftovers?

The residual value of your unused toner goes to the McDonald's Children's Aid Foundation, whose main project is the Ronald McDonald Houses. The houses financed by the foundation offer families of seriously ill children a temporary home in the immediate vicinity of the respective clinic. There are Ronald McDonald houses all over Germany from Kiel to Munich. In doing so, you not only help the parents who sorely miss their little ones, but also the children who draw new hope for recovery through being close to the most important people in their lives. Every year, McDonald's Children's Aid helps around 6,500 families with its work. Decide on a donation instead of simply selling unused toners or otherwise disposing of full toners and get involved: donate full printer cartridges now instead of selling them!

In addition to the Ronald McDonald Houses, the Foundation pays for special oases of peace in the clinics that are tailored to the needs of the children: the so-called Ronald McDonald Oases. Here the children can spend quality time with their families and at the same time be within easy reach of the doctors treating them. The illnesses of the children supported here are so serious that constant medical care is necessary.

Does my donation really get through the unused toner?

Yes, we guarantee that! The people behind RestToner.de are not anonymous, but you can contact them directly if you have any questions about our offer. With McDonald's Children's Aid, we have also chosen a foundation as a partner that offers full transparency and enjoys a great reputation among donors and founders. The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) certifies the efficient and transparent handling of the funds entrusted to the McDonald's Foundation. In addition, the children's aid is a member of the "Initiative Transparent Civil Society". Furthermore, McDonald's child aid is controlled by the auditors Ernst & Young and the Upper Bavarian government. There was even an article dedicated to the topic of RestToner.de in the children's aid newsletter.

How much revenue does McDonald's Kinderhilfe receive per toner?

The proceeds depend on the model and condition. The older the print product for a cartridge, the lower the sales revenue. We deduct the costs incurred from the sale proceeds, in particular the pre-paid parcel stamp. The amount of this per toner cartridge depends on the number of cartridges in the package. So pack as many originally packed toners into the package as possible, up to a maximum of 31.5kg per package.

Which toner can be donated?

In principle, you can donate any original, unused toner that is still sealed or shrink-wrapped. Unfortunately, you cannot donate empty toners: sell them to GeldFuerMuell. It is important for the donation that your unused printer cartridges are original toners - unfortunately you cannot donate alternative brands. Please use the service at www.tonerentsorger.de. The amount of the donation also depends on the quality of the toner cartridges sent in.

If your full toners are so-called A-Ware, this brings the maximum proceeds for the children's aid. A-Ware are unopened, originally packed and unused toner cartridges, which also show no damage to the packaging or content. B-goods are toner cartridges that are unopened and in their original packaging, but whose outer box has damage such as stickers, inscriptions, etc. These toners also bring good proceeds to benefit the projects supported by the McDonalds Foundation.

For whom is a donation of unused toner suitable?

Anyone who has toner leftovers in stock or at home can donate. In the private sector, it is quite possible that the laser printer you have grown fond of will give up the ghost at some point - unfortunately, the devices do not last forever. This often happens at the worst moment, when you have just bought a few new toners in stock; After all, toners last almost forever if stored properly. Now a new printer is quickly purchased, for which the old toners are no longer usable. Each toner is specially tailored to the respective printing system. If you use the wrong toner in the new printer, it won't be long before it's ready for the bin. The alternative to disposal by selling the full remaining toner stock is to donate to RestToner.de. Note: Occasionally, the full printer cartridges can also be used in subsequent models; You don't have to sell them in such a case - you can of course still donate!

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