What Your Favorite Sitcom Says About You

What Your Favorite Sitcom Says About You
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20 February 2023

Sitcoms exploded as a television show genre in the 90s and early 2000s, but sitcoms are still around today — just without the laugh track. Sitcoms remain popular due to their binge-worthiness, likable characters, and snappy comedy. Here is what your favorite sitcom says about you and which gemstone jewelry you should add to your life, from a stone cage necklace to gemstone bracelets.

Rick & Morty
The Simpsons changed the TV landscape forever, showing that cartoons can be adult and witty instead of just for kids. Many cartoons have followed in the Simpson’s footsteps, creating a more sitcom-like show where actions have consequences in upcoming episodes. Rick & Morty is a science fiction sitcom that’s focused on a drunk uncle and his timid nephew as they get in a variety of mishaps while using science inventions Rick made in the family’s garage. The show became popular due to its intelligent storyline and thought-provoking situations, which will have you questioning how space and time really works.

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New Girl
This edgy and upbeat comedy sitcom focuses on a teacher named Jess who ends up living with three very different men, from a dirty, lazy slacker to a neurotic clean freak with a very active sex life. Watching the wild antics of the four protagonists as they fight, fall in love, and grow their friendships. The quick wit and dark humor of the show will keep you laughing throughout but you’ll also feel for the characters when they go through breakups or wonder what more they should be doing as a 30-year-old living in Los Angeles.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This dark, chaotic, and dirty sitcom will have you feeling icky after each episode. It takes place in a pub owned by three friends (and a dad) who are always getting into trouble in the weirdest of ways. The characters all have fatal flaws that create these maddening situations, like being self-absorbed and completely unaware. The characters are all someone you’d hate in real life but find yourself drawn to in this hilarious sitcom.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm
This sitcom features Larry David acting as himself, interacting with his famous friends and generally being annoying. Everyone in his life puts up with his weird antics because the show makes it seem so normal to get yourself in these situations and act so abhorrent. His negative view on life is refreshingly witty and the arguments he finds himself in will leave you crying with laughter.

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