What's a microcontroller?

What's a microcontroller?
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17 December 2021


Microcontrollers are tiny computer that is built on an integrated circuit, which has an internal processor that has memory, and the capability to program output and input peripherals. Program memory in the form of flash memory OTP ROM is typically included in the chip as is a smaller amount of RAM. Microcontrollers are specifically designed to be used in embedded applications that require tight control over the physical element and overall cost of the system in which they are utilized. They usually have affordable per-unit costs, with moderate requirements for performance. So, design considerations should comprise power consumption as well as are more expensive than full desktop servers and computers. More microcontrollers are utilized to run embedded software than in all other microprocessor-related applications.  What's a microcontroller?

 The market for microcontrollers is varied. There are a variety of models available, with various types of features and advantages. They are typically used in smaller devices, and microprocessors are found in larger models.

 The use of Microcontrollers  

 The microcontroller is a type of microcomputer that usually includes a microprocessor and memory that is embedded within an integrated circuit. It is utilized throughout our daily lives. For example, the navigation equipment, air instruments, computer network communications, and data transmission industrial automation process real-time controls or data processing. It also offers a broad array of applications that are used in everyday life. For instance, intelligent IC cards as well as car security systems automated washing machines control systems. It is evident all over the place.

 The Key Specifications of the Microcontroller  

  1. It runs on a voltage spectrum of voltages ranging from 4V up to 12V.
  2. It comes with several timers that allow for the control of external devices separately.
  3.  This is an ARM-based microprocessor control unit.


 Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that have been designed to accomplish specific tasks and allow interaction between users with devices outside. It is able to receive data from sensors, and facilitate interaction with the user.

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