What's Next for the Internet? Full Comparison Between Web3 and Metaverse

What's Next for the Internet? Full Comparison Between Web3 and Metaverse

With the world changing at an unmatched speed, people are witnessing the inception of technologies at a much higher rate. Now and then, you will hear about a new technological development, and suddenly everybody will start to talk about it. The latest in the market after blockchain is Metaverse and Web3. And the most common mistake people make is assuming these are the same technology but two different names. They are two different technologies, and let’s find out more about Web3 vs Metaverse in this article today.

Everything about Web3

The latest development in the technological world is Web3 development. This technology was introduced in the internet world to be completely decentralized. It was also intended to give the people or content creators power, not the platform owners. It was done because some companies try to outrun the show on the internet, although it does not belong to anyone specifically. In a nutshell, Web3 was launched to give users their control back in the internet world.

Web3 explained through its five components, will give you more idea about it.

  1. The semantic web in the Web3 development uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the customers better. Through this step, users are bound to get better search results based on the actual meaning of the words.
  2. The AI is designed to understand the customer in a better manner.
  3. With the help of VR, graphics, and 3D, the websites are given a more realistic look for the users.
  4. Blockchain plays an important part in the decentralization model of Web3 development. With its usage, people can deal in direct financial transactions without any middlemen.
  5. It is supported by various connections such as 5G, IoT, Wi-Fi, and broadband.

What is Metaverse?

People often relate Metaverse to Facebook since it changed its name to Meta in 2021. But Metaverse technology is not because of Facebook; rather, Facebook is just a participant in the Metaverse world. Metaverse technology, in simple words, is a digital world where virtual reality can come into existence. In the metaverse world, people can chit-chat, meet new people, buy digital assets, play games, and more in the real-time virtual reality world. It has its digital economy of NFTs and digital currencies to deal in.

For instance, different sectors, such as medical, retail, and education, are taking advantage of this technology. Using it, these companies can create an unmatched user experience without creating a real framework. This technology allows users to experience a more real-world scenario with 3D imaging and more, instead of plain simple text or 2D images like the current web scenarios. Simply put, users will not click on the website; they will walk the site and experience everything written, drawn or shown in it.

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Web3 vs Metaverse - The difference

Can you use a car without a road? Similarly, you cannot use Metaverse without Web3. Web3 is all about putting the control back in the hands of the user by following the decentralized ownership approach. While in the case of Metaverse, it doesn't matter who owns it; people can meet, chat, talk, shop, and build their communities all in real time.

Metaverse uses AR and VR technologies, while Web3 is about blockchain and cryptos. The difference is also in how and for what they are used. Web3 is about a new set of rules for using and governing the internet. Metaverse, on the other hand,  is about the virtual experience, playing games, social media, and much more.

Is there anything common between Web3 and Metaverse?

Both Metaverse and Web3 are built on the latest technologies and are inseparably linked to each other. For instance, the semantic web and artificial intelligence are common in both these technologies. Any blockchain development also makes a mark and is considered in both technologies. Since both are still new to the internet, users will have to wait and watch to see what all is there to experience.

To sum it up

A lot is still to be learned about these technologies, and people who understand how blockchain operates may have a better shot at understanding this as well. If you'd like to know more about the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence, chatbots, and the blockchain world, log on to the Blockchain Council’s website and get the best chatbot certification or chatbot training to stay updated with the latest technologies.

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