When and Why is .NET used for Application Development?

When and Why is .NET used for Application Development?
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.NET application development is a popular choice among some of the world’s largest companies. It stands at the top of the most used frameworks by developers in 2021, with a market share of 34.2%. Large enterprises that work on digital solutions are the key driver for the popularity of the framework.

However, companies have been using the Microsoft .NET framework for years. It is one of the best technologies to build robust, scalable, and dynamic enterprise solutions. It supports the development of websites, desktop apps, games, digital solutions & services, and more. 

As the platform evolved, ASP.NET came into existence. ASP.NET development services focus on building interactive websites and web apps using Common Language Runtime (CLR). It enables the development team to write code in the different languages available for .NET app development. As an open-source, cross-platform framework, .NET offers a feature-rich development environment. .NET Core is the cross-platform rebuild of the .NET framework, enabling developers to build apps on macOS and Linux rather than just limiting them to Windows.

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This article will focus on when .NET development services are perfect for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. It will also highlight the benefits or the reasons to use .NET for building digital solutions and services. 

When should Enterprises use the .NET Framework?

Hiring a .NET development company makes sense when enterprises need a dynamic digital solution or web application. But there’s more to what .NET can do. Enterprises can use it to fulfill various application requirements with interactive features and services.

Since the launch of .NET Core in 2016, .NET developers have built cross-platform applications, which has really elevated the popularity of the framework. Today, enterprises hire dot net developers for different types of projects.

Deciding when to use the framework may sound challenging, but it has countless applications. Here are a few areas where companies should prefer dotnet development services for their project:- 

  • Web applications
    • ASP.NET is perfect for building web applications and websites with a dynamic user interface. Companies can get feature-rich apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Desktop applications
    • Companies can use .NET to build desktop applications that complement the native processing of the operating system and provide a unique user interface.

  • Game development
    • There are specialized tools like Monogame, CRYENGINE to build interactive games using .NET for various genres like adventure, strategy, and more.

  • Machine Learning
    • A dot net development company provides Machine Learning services using .NET for Apache Spark, Azure Machine Learning, ML.NET, and other technologies.

  • Internet of Things
    • The latest addition to the applications of the .NET framework is in the Internet of Things, where development takes place using the Universal Windows platform.

Apart from these 5 services, .NET also delivers custom application requirements for cloud development, mobile applications, microservices, and more. It is a versatile framework that offers more benefits than any other development tool. Let us look at these advantages in detail.

Why should enterprises use .NET development services?

Whether it’s ASP.NET development services or .NET Core development, the framework is the preferred choice for development by companies across the globe. 

Here are 5 reasons why enterprises should use .NET application development for their next project - 

  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • .NET is an OOPs-based framework - it enables dividing the solution into smaller pieces that are easier to manage and combine. By segregating data into objects, it simplifies creating a development model for the digital solution. The code becomes easily testable as well, which ensures that fewer issues arise while deployment. It also enables developers to reuse the code for building solutions, leading to less time spent on coding.

  • Intuitive framework
    • Companies hire an ASP.NET development company, India, to simplify the product development process, which comes with a high-quality UI. There are built-in UI controls that ease application development. Tools like Telerik enable drag-and-drop that leads to enhancing the visual outlook of the application and saves a lot of time in writing the code from scratch.

  • Highly scalable
    • .NET application development services are the first choice for companies that want scalable solutions. The simple and reliable caching system stores data and calls it faster, even when there’s heavy traffic on the website. It is extensible and improves the overall performance of the application. The framework offers scalability for Windows client and server-side applications without any issues. Enterprises like Accenture, Microsoft, StackOverflow, and many others use the framework for building scalable solutions.

  • Visual Studio IDE
    • Visual Studio is one aspect of .NET application development that entices developers to build amazing applications. The IDE offers faster development and deployment of software solutions. It offers a single IDE for all .NET development services. It can be customized to match user preferences, which eventually simplifies the application development process. There are a lot of third-party integrations as well for collaboration, integration, cloud deployment, and more.

  • Easy maintenance
    • The one-time setup creation simplifies the process of application deployment in the .NET framework. Developers can deploy the app across devices under the same setup and quickly release the app version. The modular design enables developers to identify specific components, fix or update them, and put them together without impacting the entire solution. Maintenance becomes easier when there’s no need to find a few lines hidden in a mountain of code.

Apart from these benefits, a dot net development company also delivers robust and high-performance solutions. Large enterprises often use the .NET framework as it has the tools to work with their existing apps with multiple functionalities. There is also a large .NET community that provides the right assistance on various projects, and documentation and continuously updates the open-source framework with new features.

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Wrapping Up

.NET is a fantastic framework for large enterprise applications that have heavy software infrastructure requirements. It helps to build scalable and cross-platform products that are easy to maintain. The framework might face stiff competition from other tools like PHP, and Laravel, but still remains the first choice for companies that want a framework that can fulfill its versatile custom software application development requirements. Therefore, .NET can be said to be one of the best frameworks today for web, mobile, and enterprise applications that companies should consider.

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