Which Carpet Design is Best for Your Home and Living Room?

Which Carpet Design is Best for Your Home and Living Room?

Placing a rug in the living room can transform the entire space by adding warmth and color. But with today's rugs, choosing the right material, size and Carpet Design can be daunting when considering the many options. Whether you choose a shaggy or Persian rug, hand-woven or woolen rug depends on several factors. Today, nylon, polyester, and olefin carpets have also gained great popularity due to their different styles and durability.

In custom flooring, you can get an idea of which carpet material and carpet models will best enhance the aesthetics of your living room. Rugs look great in rooms where you want to add depth or drama, for example, your study, library, or bedroom. Since there is less foot traffic in these areas, carpeting can be a practical choice. Plus, a thick mohair or wool rug feels good underfoot and brings instant sophistication to the room.

On the other hand, a carpet (preferably a short pile, which means shorter fibers) might be more suitable for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room, since these areas have more traffic. It's easier for you to move the carpets and wash them too! At Custom Floor Design, we have a wide selection of rug designs at the best prices. Here you can buy everything you need for carpets.

The Carpet Designs at Custom Floor Design

Polypropylene mat

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At Custom Floor Design, our soft yet dirt-repellent and incredibly durable polypropylene Carpet Designs offer excellent value for money and are perfect for almost any home. They are easy to clean and you can even use bleach for particularly stubborn stains.

Nylon mat

Carpets are perfect for a home with a busy family, polyamide carpets are easy to clean and withstand heavy traffic. The fibers don't flatten and spring back into shape easily, meaning your rug will look good for longer. And don't worry - the new generation nylon mats are very soft.

Wool carpet

Wool is one of the most durable fibers. It's natural, sustainable, and looks good too. The natural strength of the fibers means that the wool rug recovers quickly from marks and looks fresh. In addition to being very soft, wool rugs are also easy to clean. You can buy a 100% wool rug or choose a blend. Thanks to the unique properties of wool, the color looks richer according to its fibers, retains heat, acts as fire resistance, and also insulates the sound better. Wool may be more expensive than synthetic fibers, but its benefits make it a wise investment in many homes.

Sisal carpet

Durable and natural, Sisal rugs are durable, comfortable underfoot, and have a modern, almost organic look. Traditional weaving gives Sisal rugs a unique texture.

You Should Opt for Customized Carpets for Your Home and office

You can choose Customized Carpets when you want to furnish a room with special needs, but also when you want to enrich the environment with a unique and special product. Custom rugs offer endless customization options and ensure you have complete control over every step of the production process. In custom flooring, our custom rugs can also be used to decorate workspaces.

In the professional field, the appearance of the carpet can be influenced mainly by repeating the logo of the company on the pile or by using colors prominent in the market of the company. These needs usually appear in spaces other than the home. In the first case, you need tailored carpets with a classic shape, but with larger dimensions than usual, while in the second case, the most important thing is a carpet whose shape and size are calculated exactly according to the room to be furnished.

The most classic reason to choose Customized Carpets from Custom Floors Design is the size of the room to be furnished. It can be an extra large room that exceeds the dimensions of rooms designed for a regular carpet or an irregular room.

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