Which House Causes Court Cases?

Which House Causes Court Cases?
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11 November 2022

Legal cases, one of the troublesome conditions in life! None of us wish to get stuck in court cases but still they are in persistence. In fact, there are people who, for no reason get entangled in legal proceedings. As if they tend to attract court cases in their life! Astrology through its dictum of houses and planets may explain which house causes court cases? Once you know about the house, planets and the ways to overcome the difficulties caused by them, you may 100% safeguard yourself against the likely court cases.

There are incidents of page 3 people, who plunged into court cases only to come out after few months. While there are others, who just can’t come out of the court case throughout their life. So, what is the reason behind such disparity? Is there any super power to help us out of the legal cases? Yes, Astrology is there!

Why Do Court Cases Strike in Life?

First of all, it is important to understand that whatever trouble or challenges we are facing in this life are all connected to our past lives. It is our past life bad deeds that haunt us in this present life. But at the same time, we can get rid of them by performing good karmas called karma modifications in this life. With the help of Astrology, it is possible to see court cases as per birth chart. The chances of facing legal cases can be very well predicted through the birth chart. Not just the court cases but the jail yoga and bandhan yoga can also be studied through the planetary placements in the birth chart.

Whether there will be litigation, imprisonment or legal punishments, all can be successfully analyzed through a horoscope. Planets and houses have their mysterious tale to tell and only the best astrologer in India may decode and translate the planetary indications in simple to understand language. The court case may strike in life for 3 reasons:

✔      There are people who voluntarily get into litigations for their unchecked greed and desires.

✔      There are people who are left with no other option but to seek justice through courts.

✔      There are people who have been forcibly pushed into litigation by their opponents.

Now, the reason behind facing legal cases will be indicated by the placements of responsible planets and houses. Now, the role of sixth house in astrology is at the uppermost level while looking for the possibilities and reasons of a court case.  The 6th house shows challenges, struggles, court cases, debts and fights in an individual’s life. We generally face litigations for debt, fights or conspiracies of the enemies. If the 6th house is very strong in the birth chart, it may give court cases in the life of the native.

However, it may give better opportunities in job but no mercy in case of court cases, diseases and competition. You often have noticed, people at the pinnacle of their career usually suffer from complex diseases and recurring court cases. The 6th Lord however may grant relief with its strong position in the birth chart. But generally a strong 6th house gives court cases in the native’s life.

Similarly, if 6th house is weak, the person faces court cases as well. The difference between these two is that in the former case, the native turns victorious and in the latter case, he has to taste a defeat. If the lord of the 6th house in birth chart is weak, it can’t protect its house and the person constantly faces legal issues in life. it is commonly seen that during the dasha period of the 6th lord or planets occupying the sixth house, the person has to face legal proceedings. A strong malefic is considered good in the 6th house as it helps to fight with the significations i.e. court case for the native. A malefic in the 6th house gives win in the court case.

Legal Issues Reasons and Solutions in Astrology

When Astrology can indicate a problem it can provide a solution too. There are certain indications that may become a reason for court cases in a person’s life:

A Weak First House - The first house is your identity. If the first lord is found weak or badly afflicted in kundli analysis then it indicates the possibility of court cases. A weak ascendant and its lord don’t save an individual from falling victim to undesirable situations like court cases.

A Strong Seventh House The seventh house is the opposing house of the first house i.e. you. A stronger 7th house shows win of the opponent. A strong 7th house calls for a settlement rather fighting the case as a strong 7th house gives good public relations as well.

The Eighth and Twelfth House - The eighth house is a house of obstacles and punishments, if there is an inter connection of the 6th and 8th house- it gives punishment through a court case. Similarly, the 12th house is a house of imprisonment and a weak 12th house or its lord may send you to jail.

Saturn - The karmkaraka Saturn judges the native for his/her sins and bad deeds. Thus, Saturn if under affliction of Rahu, Mars and ketu or weak may cause legal punishments. Weak Saturn in twelfth house sends a person to jail.


The best remedy is to keep check on one’s karma. One should be aware of the bad deeds and by rectifying our deeds inch by inch we may win over adversities in life.

✔      One should try to please planet Saturn by chanting mantra- “Om pram preem praum sah shanaishcharaye namah”.

✔      Respect and care for your servants or laborers as they represent Saturn.

✔      Feed needy people to please Saturn.

Source: https://sites.google.com/view/kundlipredictions/blog/which-house-causes-court-cases

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