Which House is for no Child in Birth Chart

Which House is for no Child in Birth Chart
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03 December 2022

The planets determine every happiness and misery in our life. What will we get? How much will we get? These and many other queries can be solved with the help of Astrology. We can also determine whether one will get children's happiness in life from his kundli/birth chart. The Child Astrology helps to know whether a couple can get kids happiness in life. There can be yoga for a healthy child, a sick child, a child with a deformity, a child with low mental abilities, and no child. Different yoga in birth chart results from planetary placements and associated rules with them. Here, we will understand the astrological combinations responsible for the absence of parenthood in a couple.

How does Astrology determine childbirth?

In Vedic Astrology, the fifth house is the house of progeny and childbirth. We can determine anything related to the children from the 5th house and its lord. If the 5th house of the birth chart is under affliction or has malefic occupants, there are chances of obstructions in childbirth. However, the astrologer must see the benefit associations and the malefic ones to reach the final judgment. The benefic aspect of Jupiter is highly positive in giving the childbirth prediction. 

The affliction of fifth house in kundli or its lord causes delays in progeny. To understand whether a couple will have a child, one has to see the position of the 5th house in both the Lagna (D-1) and navamsha (D-9) charts. The saptamsha (D-7) divisional chart is also essential for childbirth. A good astrologer checks the position of the Lagna and its lord and the 5th house and its lord in all these three charts to carefully analyze the possibility of a child or no child in birth chart of a person.

Is there any specific time to conceive a baby?

Every female has a fertility cycle that he can use to conceive a baby with a more substantial possibility of success. One can diagnose it medically and through the Moon's transit around natal Mars and Moon. In Astrology, the planet Jupiter is the karaka of children. And, it is essential to have Jupiter in an excellent position to get the pleasure of children or parenthood. The position of Jupiter in the birth chart is essential for children, and its connection with the 5th, 9th, and 11th house confirms the possibility of having healthy children. However, there should not be any affliction to the planet Jupiter.

Secondly, the dasha and transit of Jupiter are very important for attaining the bliss of children. Most females conceive in the dasha of the 5th lord or Jupiter. The transit of Jupiter is also significant for conceiving a child. The best time to conceive a baby, as per kundli, is when Jupiter affects the trine houses/trikona bhava of it. If Jupiter aspects the fifth lord during its transit, conceiving a child is possible. Jupiter mainly depicts the best time to conceive concerning the fifth house.

Why is the 5th house essential for childbirth or progeny?     

The fifth house is the house of creation or creating something. The eleventh house, opposite the 5th house, is the house of gains. The 5th house falls at 11th place from the 7th house of spouse or marriage. Children are gains of marriage and thus are represented by the fifth house.

The 5th house, the house of creation, depicts children as created after marriage. So, children are the creation or gains of a marriage and thus are represented by the 5th house. The fifth house is the house of Purva Punya, or the meritorious deeds. It is a matter of good karma to have noble and obedient kids. A strong 5th house confirms auspicious karmas in past lives and thus healthy and noble children.

Here, the 9th house, which is 5th from the 5th house, is also important. If the 9th house is also under affliction, the couple/person usually has to settle for no child.

Adoptions and IVF babies

Astrology explains the possibility of having an IVF baby as well. If there is an association of both malefic and benefic planets to the 5th and 9th house, there is a possibility of having a baby through IVF or adoption. 

When the 9th lord is in the ascendant, and the 5th lord is weak or debilitated in the chart. Mercury is there in the 5th house & Ketu, and then the native may have children with the help of IVF. For child adoption also, there is certain yoga in the birth chart. But here, it is important to understand that if you have bad yoga for children, then you should cautiously go for child adoption. In this matter, an astrological consultation will help you a lot.   

Thus, there is a strong connection between child adoption, IVF baby and astrology which one can use to enjoy parental bliss in life.

The D-9 or navamsha chart

One should also check the position of the fifth house and its lord in the navamsha kundli. The navamsha lord and the 5th lord in navamsha kundli are also crucial for understanding the possibility of childbirth in detail. The navamsha kundli can predict the gender of the child as well.

The D-7 or saptamsha Kundli

There is a specific divisional chart for every specific aspect of life. The saptamsha chart is a chart to see the bliss of children in life. Here, the strength of the Lagna lord and the fifth lord is also important, and a good astrologer analyzes these carefully. After that, the position of the 5th lord of the Lagna chart should also be checked in the saptamsha chart. A child astrologer takes references from all these and gives accurate predictions about childbirth.

The Moon chart

The Moon kundli/Moon chart is equally important. The astrologers give equal weightage to the Moon chart and the Lagna chart. The position of the 5th house and its lord should also be checked through this house.

Beej sphuta and Kshetra sphuta

To judge the prospects of a couple for the childbirth, there is a concept called beej sphuta and the kshetra sphuta. Beeja sphuta is seen to check the capability of a male to be able to become a father. Similarly, the kshetra sphuta helps determine whether a female can conceive a child. These are Vedic methods to check the ability of both parents to give birth to a child. Sometimes, the families keep blaming the female for not being able to conceive a child, but with beej sphuta, it will be clear whether the male is capable.


Don't get sad even if you don't have a child after many years of marriage. Visit an astrologer to understand whether you have a santaan yoga in birth chart. If you don't have santaan yoga, childbirth is almost impossible. In that case, other measures like adoption, IVF, surrogacy, etc., can be adopted for having a child. The child astrologer will narrate the possibility of having a child through adoption, IVF, or other artificial measures. We suggest taking an astrological consultation before deciding about child adoption or IVF baby.

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