Which Tech Tools Will Help You Learn Coding Cheaply

Which Tech Tools Will Help You Learn Coding Cheaply

Today, software is all around us. The modern world is all about technology and software is in the middle of most technologies. You can accomplish so much when you learn how to code. You do not have to be a computer science student to learn to code as programming has so many real-world applications. Here are five tools you can use to learn to code.


This is an entirely free tool that makes it fun to learn to code. Create an account for free and then check out the recommendations that the tool offers you on where to start. You will need to take a short quiz that determines your programming personality. Initially, the platform never offered video tutorials, but now, they have several of these on their YouTube channel. The videos are long and ideal for adults looking to learn to code, but kids may not have the attention span to handle the lengthy videos.

You can go for Codecademy Pro, which offers more courses, creates a customized plan for learning, gives you real-world projects, and allows you to practice as much as you want on your mobile device. You can test the features of the Pro plan for seven days before you pay.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another free learning tool. It is not a purely coding platform as you can learn a lot more, but it offers solid courses, which are free. They offer mostly JavaScript, which is one of the most popular and powerful languages for use all over the world. They structure their courses in simple and interactive videos from which you can learn basic concepts. After every concept, you will get several online challenges to ensure you understood what you just learnt. You will also get “projects” where you create new programs, which are then evaluated by the coaches.


Codio is a comprehensive online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) offering all the facilities you need to develop software. It comes with build automation tools, a debugger, and a source code editor. With it, you can test the skills you learn from other platforms to see how much you have gained and how much more you need to learn. It offers a virtual desktop so that you can test the graphics user interface. You can use the tool on your tablet, Chromebook, or computer.

Codio is a tool for beginners, intermediates, and people with advanced skills. It supports Python, Java, C, C++, NodeJS, and many more. Find all the features you need to code right, such as automatic watching of variables and call stack among others.


Coursera is a general online learning platform. It offers several lessons online, including coding. The advantage you get with Coursera is that there are several professors from different universities to help you learn from the beginner stages all the way to the advanced levels of the course. Check the various universities from around the world and the coding courses that they offer. It supports different languages, including Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, and many more. You can learn basic computer programming with hands-on projects and get a certificate after the course.


Udemy has more than 150k courses posted by several professionals. The courses are well-structured, whether you need to learn cooking or coding or anything else. It is a popular e-learning platform with each of the courses having subcategories so that you can track your progress. You will have several options to choose from with more than 6,500 courses offered for free. If you want more courses, you need to pay the subscription fee to access the premium courses. For coding, you will have challenges after every session and project to further test your skills.

You can learn any time you need and even divide the content into days. There are mostly written tutorials, but you can access videos and much more. You will meet several other learners and even attend coding events where you can learn even more.

Whatever platform or tool you choose to use, always learn at your own pace. The online tools are more cost-effective compared to learning to code in physical centers. You will have unlimited access to the platforms once you pay the necessary fees for the premium options.

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