Which technology has a better future for enterprises: AngularJS or ReactJS?

Which technology has a better future for enterprises: AngularJS or ReactJS?
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16 November 2022

The framework you choose will impact the success rate of your project. Therefore, choosing a JS framework for building a scalable web app that suits your project requirements is significant.

There has been an increase in frameworks and technologies, making it difficult to choose the best one.  Moreover, the latest Google trend shows that React is 92% popular compared to Angular, which is 75% popular among the developer community.

Angular and React are the most popular frameworks on the developer's list. Developers consider the frameworks the best choice for front-end development and a better future for the enterprise.

But the question is - How will you choose the framework, considering the features and project requirements? This post will analyze the better framework to work with for you, so let's find out. 

The Angular JS - Pros and Cons 

Angular is an open-source front-end framework managed by Google's Angular team. It is a popular client-side framework that helps to develop high-performing and scalable mobile and web applications using CSS, HTML, and typescript. 

The best part is; that it offers enterprise-ready web development solutions. AngularJS works on the comprehensive model view controller and has over 60,000 stars on GitHub. 

The framework is adept at building the dynamic components of Angular JS apps or sites. Moreover, it divides the work into logical times, which speeds up the app's loading time.

AngularJS Benefits:- 

AngularJS offers seamless, clean code development, which saves time. You can use different libraries that help in developing robust template solutions. In addition, it provides a single routing option and comes with an interactive UI interface.

Angular JS extends the HTML syntax with directives that can help you to reuse different components. To execute the testing function in AngularJS, you will need to use the mock data controller and inspect the result according to your need.

It allows developers to create every single page separately to view the final project. And the framework syncs the data between the component and model view. As a result, Angular JS developer can help you develop the best Angular apps.  

Angular Limitations:-

Though Angular has many features, it also has some limitations. It has a steep learning curve, which can be an issue for Angular JS programmers.

It may take a fair amount of time to understand the core concepts of development. The complexity of Angular makes it a bit longer to learn than React JS. 

The React JS - Pros and Cons?

React JS is a front-end JS library that allows developers to build user interfaces from reusable UI components. Plus, it uses the server-side rendering feature, which provides a performance-based and flexible solution. The best part is; that it allows the development of complex UX and seamless UI.

React provides unique testing capabilities and is declarative. In addition, it is completely SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and offers comprehensive community support.

The reusable components offer a complete advantage to the framework. It provides a stable feature with developer productivity. In addition, react comes with a diverse development tool set, making a difference in how an app is built. 

React JS Benefits: 

React JS offers excellent front-end benefits compared to other frameworks. The code is reusable and provides a simple debugging process. Besides, you can learn the process quickly, as it has a simple design.

React JS supports iOS and Android platforms and helps developers migrate the app to React without effort. In addition, it is a view-oriented framework and helps new developers working on mobile app projects.

Additionally, it supports the native library feature that offers efficient performance. It provides faster updates with server-side and front-side support. 

React Limitations:- 

React is a single library and is not a comprehensive framework like Angular. Therefore, you will have to include other libraries to handle different aspects of developing your project. Moreover, most developers aren't completely convinced with the React JS documentation available. 

 Angular JS vs. React JS: Differences

  • Angular is an open-source platform that helps develop front-end and mobile applications, whereas React JS is an open-source library that Facebook maintains.
  • The Angular JS framework uses typescript, whereas React JS is built using JSX. Additionally, Angular is typescript based, and React framework is a JavaScript-based library.
  •  Angular is adept at building complex and dynamic web applications and single-page web applications, whereas React JS helps to build different interactive UI components using variable data.
  •  AngularJS has a steeper learning curve, so it becomes a challenge for new developers, but React has a moderate learning curve, and it can save learning time.
  • Angular helps to build a single-page application using typescript and HTML. However, React creates user interfaces for single-page applications.
  •  As Angular JS is a part of a mean stack, it's compatible with the code editors, whereas React helps to develop HTML elements for front-end development solutions. 
  • Angular works on two-way data binding, and React JS works on a single-way data binding feature.
  •  Angular is perfect for interactive and active web apps, and React JS is popular for more extensive applications with recurrent data.
  • AngularJS works on real DOM, and React JS works on virtual DOM. Real DOM is expensive, and there is memory wastage. There is no memory wastage in the virtual DOM. Real DOM updates HTML, and virtual DOM cannot. Real DOM represents the UI of the app, and virtual DOM is the virtual representation of the app. 

When should you choose AngularJS?

You can select Angular JS if you need to develop a feature-rich and enterprise-level grade application. There is a low and medium app-level complexity, and you can choose depending on the project's needs.

The framework is ideal if the developers have good C# and Java knowledge. Apart from the ready-made solutions, it also enhances productivity, making a difference in app devotement.

When should you choose React JS?

You can select React JS to build customized app solutions for your business. If the developers have good expertise in HTML and CSS, it makes up for an ideal choice.

If you want to build an app with different elements, choose React JS. It also provides sharable elements on the app, which makes it a popular feature. 


Both frameworks are popular front-end technologies and offer great benefits for apps. Angular is easy to install and use, and React offers many advantages and robust solutions for new developers. You can consider a framework based on your project requirements, usage, budget, and time. 

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