Why Acrylic Box Market is Growing in 2022

Why Acrylic Box Market is Growing in 2022
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27 September 2022

What is Acrylic Box

Before going deep into the discussion of acrylic boxes and their significance, it is essential to highlight what acrylic is and its characteristics.

Acrylic is a strong, hard, sturdy and stiff, normally transparent material. You can see through it. The branded packaging industry widely uses this material because of its easy handling. It is a soft material that goes well with all types of adhesives and bonds, so there is minor wear and tear chances. Unlike other plastic, acrylic has a higher resistance to weathering. This means it can tolerate changing climatic conditions quite well without undergoing any quality changes.

It looks like glass because of its transparency, but it is plastic. Therefore, it has an advantage over glass packaging because it is not as brittle as glass. Moreover, it is not as heavy as glass, improving the whole packaging experience for workers and customers.

Due to the above reasons, the packaging industry is shifting towards acrylic packaging. Many different types of boxes are manufactured using acrylic as the fundamental material. You can also get custom-made acrylic boxes. This means you can choose any size, shape, design, or color for your acrylic box.

Why are Acrylic Boxes Successful?

In recent years, acrylic boxes have been getting much hype. They have become so successful as packaging materials in the year 2022 due to the following reasons.

Acrylic Boxes are Lighter than Glass Boxes

The weight of the packaging box determines the number of laborers and vehicles needed to deliver the packages. The heavier the packaging boxes, the more resources are required to displace them. Although glass is a significant packaging material, it is heavy due to its handling, not child’s play. Many people and delivery vans must transport the items under safer conditions. This makes the whole delivery process expensive.

On the other hand, acrylic is lighter than glass, about 50%. This cuts the overall cost of the delivery process. You can fill more boxes in one vehicle, and one person can transfer more acrylic boxes in the meantime.

Another benefit of lightweight acrylic boxes is their shock-absorbing nature. Scientifically, it is proven that lighter things encounter lesser friction due to low gravitational impact. Hence, your items are more protected in acrylic boxes.

Acrylic Boxes are Stronger than Glass Boxes

Glass is a heavy material, so it appears stronger as well. But this is not true. Along with being heavy, glass has a brittle nature. It can crack with a slight hit, and the whole packaging can ruin it. Acrylic boxes are not exposed to any such danger. These boxes are not brittle; they can bear heavy pressure, friction, and shocks without breaking down.

Transparency of Acrylic Boxes

Another amazing characteristic of acrylic boxes is transparency. Whatever is packaged inside the acrylic box remains right in front of the eyes of the consumer or the brands. Therefore, you can easily judge the condition of the goods. Moreover, there is a high chance that a transparent box will turn yellow after some time, but acrylic boxes are resistant. They remain fine transparent boxes for quite a long time, increasing the reusability of the boxes.

Easy Fabrication and Shaping of Acrylic Boxes

Packaging box manufacturing is not a straightforward task. The material has to go through many processes and steps to reach its final state. Initially, all the packaging materials are raw and shapeless, and what shape they attain depends entirely on their flexibility. The more the material is malleable and ductile, the more easily it can be shaped.

Fabrication and shaping of acrylic are extremely uncomplicated. As acrylic is a thermoplastic, it is easy to convert it into any shape. Due to its thermoplastic nature, it melts at higher temperatures. The liquid state is not so viscous as well, due to which it is unchallenging to pour the melted acrylic into any mold. Once the liquid is poured into the shaper, it hardens at low temperatures, acquiring the perfect shape in no time and with minimum effort.

Easy Cleaning of Acrylic Boxes

To be transparent, it is a great concern for acrylic box users to clean them so they remain in the original condition for longer.

So, here is some good news for you. Cleaning acrylic boxes is extremely easy, and you can do it home without spending extra bucks. The only thing you need is a microfiber cloth. Take two pieces of this cloth, one wet and one dry. Gently rub the wet cloth on the box to clean all the dirt and microorganism. Then, rub the dry cloth all over the box for some time to remove all the fibers that the wet cloth left behind. Repeat this pattern several times and enjoy the eye-catching look of clean acrylic boxes. Now, you can easily reuse them for various other purposes.

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