Why Are Backlinks Essential For Website Traffic

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Why Are Backlinks Essential For Website Traffic

Backlinks have remained important over the years. It is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on because free backlinks can be so beneficial for organic traffic. The one mistake businesses make is focusing only on the on-page SEO strategies while neglecting off-page work like backlinks building.

What Are Free Backlinks?

Backlinks are external links from other sites to your page. They are a way for the search engines to figure out which sites are more relevant with the search queries. 

Having the top ranking on the SERPs is essential. Do you ever go to the second page of google? No! and neither does anyone else on the internet. For this reason, businesses have to rank at the main page to get recognition. Backlinking helps with that. 

What Can The Backlinks Give You?

Backlinks have a ton of benefits for your business. Here are some of the reasons people work on their backlinks:

  • You gain authority for your business online 
  • More traffic to your site from SEO sites 
  • Higher brand awareness 
  • Better conversion rates 
  • New customers and a bigger audience 
  • Get the highest rank for target keywords

While there are a lot of SEO factors, backlinking undoubtedly helps achieve these results.

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What is The Criteria To Get Working Backlinks?

Search engines are getting more and more complicated day by day. The algorithms get trickier to navigate. For the best possible SEO, businesses should be aware of the criteria for quality backlinks. 

  1. Sites that are relevant to your niche 
  2. No paid backlinks (google will penalise you because it’s a black hat strategy)
  3. Slow and natural backlink building so that google doesn’t see it as manipulation of rankings 
  4. Use only high authority backlinks 

One easy way to get quality backlinks is finding SEO sites that provide backlinks database. They can give you backlinks for various high authority sites such as business directories and other sites related to your niche. 

Referral traffic

Sites are hyperlinked so that people get directed to different resources and get the most out of search engines. The relevant traffic that you get turns into sales


According to research, there is a direct correlation between organic traffic and the quality of your backlinks. The only way your site will rank is if people give it their vote of confidence. When good sites give their votes of confidence, your site’s authority goes up high. 

There is no better way of ranking on top than to get backlinks that work. There are backlinks database sites that provide reliable backlinks from the best sites on the internet. 

Building a brand 

How do you build a brand? When you provide premium content for backlinks, your audience trusts you more. New people also get to know your work. This way, more people get to know about your business and a brand is created. The goal is to be a trustworthy site and create a loyal customer base. 

Finally, how do you get top backlinks?

It is important to remember that Google prefers quality over quantity. It is a myth that the more links you have the better. Another fact is that you shouldn’t get backlinks from the same site, once is enough. Because organic traffic decreases like that over time. Here is how you can get better, new backlinks:

Digital PR 

One way to get backlinks is to do a press release on a popular news publication. This white hate strategy along with earned media are really awesome ways to create good organic traffic. 

Earned media 

You can provide information to journalists and news channels. This also showcases you as an authority on the subject you write, increasing public trust. Free backlinks sites are a great way to reach such quality sites and get them to notice you. 

Broken links

In this you have to find websites that are linked to outdated and broken pages. You can contact the website, inform them and then offer your own content for backlinking. When you can’t find links, this is a great way to start building backlinks. 

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