Why Are People Still Obsessed With Treasure hunts?

Why Are People Still Obsessed With Treasure hunts?
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21 October 2022

Treasure hunts are a good way to relax, it's no longer the favorite sordid activity of the bloodthirsty pirates found in our childhood storybooks. In fact, the benefits of scavenger hunts are that they can be a healthy hobby for your children!

The definition of a treasure hunting game

It is a very popular game among children. It consists of finding the answers to riddles and deciphering clues to find the place where the treasure is buried. This game can be played individually or within a group of people who are in the same team. The treasure hunt is a game that can also be played by adults. The clues and puzzles proposed in this case are obviously more complicated to solve than those made for children. The first person to find the treasure wins the game.

How to create your own treasure hunt game?

It is possible to create your own version of the treasure hunt game so that you can play it in your house or outside in your garden. To do this, nothing could be simpler than following the general outline of the game.

First of all, you need to determine the theme of the game so that you can later pose the riddles related to it. Then, you have to choose the nature of the treasure, so that you can know where to hide it later, depending on its value and also its size.

After that, you have to start writing the riddle cards, which will be used to find the treasure trail. To do so, you can search in books written especially for this purpose, or go to online sites.

Finally, you should put the puzzle cards in places that are related to the answer, such as putting the card near a comb to find the answer to the puzzle "object that allows you to have beautiful hair," and so on.

The best places to hide the cards in the treasure hunt game

Indeed, to make the game even more intriguing and exciting than it already is, clues and maps must be well hidden, in places that can sometimes be unlikely. This makes the players think harder and more. That said, the age range of the players must be taken into consideration. If they are still very young, the puzzles should not be too hard to solve or find. The difficulty of the game should increase according to their age. In the list below, we will give some recommended places to hide the cards of the game, which are not very difficult to find, nor too easy either, so as not to spoil the charm of the game.

What are the advantages of playing treasure hunts?

If you want to play treasure hunts or you want to introduce your children to this game, here are some advantages that you should know. Keep in mind that you can find the best treasure hunting games on Prize Blast Reviews.

Improve problem-solving skills

There are many benefits to hands-on learning, including improved memory of previously taught concepts. The benefit of scavenger hunts is that they allow children to practice problem-solving in a tangible way. It helps to reinforce and practice the methods they were taught by parents or teachers in a physical way, resulting in better lesson retention.

Exercise body and mind

The benefit of scavenger hunts is that they help exercise the mind by reinforcing problem-solving skills. However, they can also be a good exercise for the body. You can incorporate clues that get kids moving and running from place to place. You can even get creative and have your child run up a hill, walk through the woods, or climb a tree for the next clue.

Teach teamwork

Participating in a group scavenger hunt at school or for fun helps teach kids the value of teamwork as well as it promotes social interaction. Children will need to work together to solve the clues and reach the final destination. Learning to work together as a team is an essential skill throughout a child's life, so why not teach it in a fun way?


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