Why Can’t I Share Others Post On Instagram?

Why Can’t I Share Others Post On Instagram?
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Instagram is a brilliant application that has helped a lot of people and attracted millions of users with the help of its distinctive features and qualities. There are different Instagram stories that attract people every day and in return, people wish to share the stories and post on their own story. But, if you are not able to share your or someone else’s post to your Instagram story then, it can be very irritating and in this guide, we are going to tell you why you can’t post to your Instagram story

Why Can’t I Share Posts on my Instagram Story?

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they face this issue is why can’t I share my Instagram story and what can I do to fix this issue. There are certain reasons for this problem like Instagram disabling the option to share others’ posts. This can also happen if you are sharing the post from a private account as Instagram does not give permission for this. The issue of ‘can’t share a post to the Instagram story can also happen because of any technical glitch or the status of the application. So, do not worry too much and focus on the solutions that will help you in fixing this issue. 

Methods to Fix the issue of Instagram Can’t Share A Post on Stories

  1. You need to request the owner to enable the option of sharing posts on other people’s stories to share a particular story. 
  2.  You can also take a screenshot of the post to share if you are not getting permission to do the same. 
  3. Another thing that you can do to resolve the issue of why can’t I share posts on Instagram is to update the app and get its latest version so that you do not face any technical glitches or errors.

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