Why Is Salesforce Cloud Ruling the Revolution in Cloud Landscape?

Why Is Salesforce Cloud Ruling the Revolution in Cloud Landscape?
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24 March 2022

Let’s accept it: No one has ever imagined that technologies and trends will change at such speed that what’s trending today may become outdated a week later. That’s a harsh reality.

The evolved customers’ expectations to get connected, engaged, and served differently- are no exception, which businesses need to fulfill at the least. Customer relationship management is a move from traditional to cloud services that have revolutionized the way businesses connect, interact, and nurture customers relationship. It maximizes business ROI in return.

That’s why companies are using cloud solutions at scale to ensure server availability, cost reduction, enhance marketing efforts and improve productivity. The multiple choices for cloud partners muddy the water. Eliminating all the confusion, here, we have enlisted the advantages of the Salesforce cloud solution that justify the decision for Salesforce CRM platform selection.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Since 1999, Salesforce is reinventing CRM services more than any other enterprise cloud software. The integrated CRM solution not only connects customers and businesses, but provides a unified view of the customers connecting the dots across all the departments such as marketing, sales, and others. Under the Salesforce CRM umbrella, various cloud solutions are built based on multi-tenant architecture and distributed to clients across the globe. Salesforce CRM consulting services from a reputed salesforce consulting company help you know better how salesforce solution is a big help.

A look at a couple of stats that certified salesforce consultants has shared:

  • Salesforce is leading the revenue market share in comparison to other cloud vendors for five years in a row.

Why Is Salesforce Cloud Ruling the Revolution in Cloud Landscape?

  • With more than 150,000 businesses using Salesforce, the software has generated $21.25 billion as revenue in 2021 at a growth of 27%.
  • From every segment- subscription and support and professional services, and others, the Salesforce revenue has grown northwards for the last 20 years.

One-to-many comparison: Why does Salesforce win the cloud solutions game?

Scalability that matters a ton!

The businesses using on-premise CRM solutions experience scaling up or down of the resources based on the business growth. It’s a little risky as it involves adding or removing the hardware and staff to make things done. Salesforce eliminates the need to scale up/down hardware and associated risk because it enables/disables the functionality in a few clicks. Whenever the organizations have such a need, Salesforce CRM effortlessly gets changed with organizational restructuring.

For instance, the evolved customers’ needs have mandated personalization implementation. Salesforce facilitates personalization functionality integration business-wide. If still, unsure, the Salesforce CRM consulting services provide great help.

Better support system- a need of the hour!

The legacy business having an on-premise CRM solution knows the pain of downtime. It takes hours to days to get the issues resolved, which is a huge loss to the company. The sales and marketing department suffers a great revenue loss.

In addition to Salesforce consulting services, the support and maintenance services provided under the Salesforce umbrella after-sales are unprecedented. The maintenance services are offered 24/7 and if any problem is encountered, the technical team resolves it in a few minutes. The inexpensive services ensure that team spends more time on selling with a reduced downtime guarantee.

Salesforce AppExchange

In two decades, the Salesforce community of developers, vendors, consultants, and software service providers has expanded worldwide. Salesforce AppExchange was built with the help of Salesforce partners and developers where custom apps catering to every industry and every department are launched.

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading app marketplace with millions of app downloads and customer reviews. The ecosystem of apps is best regarded by the organizations to find the app best matching their needs and install them to enable functionality. The easy access and integration with the Salesforce app are a time-savvy approach that helps in increasing the team’s productivity, thus, your business growth. Salesforce consulting services provide more insights into this feature.

Focused on innovation

Every industry and its needs are unique, which must be addressed individually to achieve maximum growth. Salesforce-based on multi-tenant architecture is a one-stop-shop for all the industries with tailored solutions that address the industry-specific challenges and exploit the hidden opportunities.

Uniting all the departments across the organization, Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of the customers that helps in making every solution customer-oriented. Central data storage help in unveiling

opportunities that strengthen the customer relationship. The certified Salesforce consultant assists you with how Salesforce solutions can help your business steer into an innovation-focused direction.

Convenience is a key

Salesforce implementation and setup is a breeze. It makes it easy for the organization to get up and start running their business on the Salesforce cloud. The intuitive interface makes the system as simple as using a new iPhone. The business need to login to Salesforce, enable wi-fi access, update customer data, and that’s all. If you find friction in the implementation journey, opting to ask a salesforce consulting company is a good alternative.

Customization stays at the heart

The businesses at the initial stage or in the midway require new apps or modifications in the existing apps. Salesforces excels at a high degree of customization facility. Businesses can integrate apps directly from AppExchange or build a new one through Salesforce App Cloud.

The system adapts the changes with customizations such as modules addition, workflow shift, or new sales strategies creation. Still, unsure about the breadth of customization, then certified Salesforce consultants help you know how Salesforce solution flexibility makes it easily accommodate desired changes.

Excellent reporting and analytics

The reporting is essential to review data and the differences in various departments’ performance. Unfolding the hidden insights and data-driven decision-making requires analytics technology. Salesforce helps in achieving the goal with reporting and analytics cloud features that are designed for every business and enable performance checking across all the devices.

It helps in improving business growth and performance through continuous monitoring and enhancements. Salesforce consulting services give you a demo that illustrates how reporting and analytics features allow your business to seize an edge in the competition through constant analysis.

It enables the mobile option

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM tool, but mobile-friendliness is a need of the hour. Here, also Salesforce stands out that allow the business to access data anywhere, anytime. Salesforce mobile app available on App store makes Salesforce a portable platform as employees can access the software remotely. The mobile enablement speeds up customer interactions and delivers mobile experiences.

How can AIMDek help you from Salesforce consulting services to support services?

With enormous benefits and impressive figures, it’s justified that the Salesforce cloud is the biggest hit in the cloud universe. That’s wonderful! As a CTO of the company, you must be looking for a cloud solution that keeps your organization on the top of the game.

Now, if you require Salesforce CRM consulting services, you need to partner with a Salesforce consulting company that can help you with everything. AIMDek- the strategic partner of Salesforce having certified

Salesforce consultants that have expertise on the breadth and depth of Salesforce products and complete CRM can help you know which solution matches your business need.

Let’s discuss how Salesforce cloud drives innovation and makes your business stay successful

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