Why Kyojuro Rengoku Death Important In Demon Slayer Story?

Why Kyojuro Rengoku Death Important In Demon Slayer Story?
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16 September 2022


Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku died in Mugen Train. But what does this mean for the story of Demonslayer? Let's find this out.


Kyojurorengoku's sudden death was surprising, even though it was only for those anime viewers who were watching the movie Demon Slayer Mugen Train. Kyojurorengoku is one of the most powerful demon slayers of the nine hashirai. He was a shining example of justice and honor. He always stood up for the weak and kept his principles intact until his last breath.

Demon Slayer Mugen Train places the spotlight on Rengoku and his fighting ability, culminating with Rengoku's suicide. The moment Kyojuro Rengoku died was jaw-dropping for me as a non-manga read. I can still recall feeling sadness and disbelief at Rengoku's death from injuries he sustained fighting Akaza, the Third Higher rank Six demons.

A popular shonen manga series will always include the death or sacrifice of a major supporting character. This changes the story and stakes.

 Whitebeard, Jiraiya, and Naruto's Jiraiya are all examples of this. Let's now try to figure out why Flame Hashira was so beloved by fans and had to die.

Why did Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, have to die in Demon Slayer Mugen Train

We need to first examine the nature of Kyojuro Rengoku in order to understand its motivations. He was selfless and dedicated from a young age. He is a fighter for justice and peace and never shied from taking responsibility.

He put in a lot of effort and learned the Fire Breathing Technique. Kyojuro can be tough, but inside his head, he's a simple human with an unbreakable desire to obey his mother's command, Protect the weak.

Is Rengoku dead? Yes, Rengoku Kyojuro did die after his battle with Akaza (Upper Moon Demon-3), Akaza.

With this in mind, Hashiras has been named the most crucial member of the Demon Corps. Rengoku's tragic death proves that Hashiras aren't invincible, despite their enormous power. Rengoku's suicide is further evidence of this point, as Rengoku was one of the most powerful Nashira.

Tanjiro (our main protagonist) is with Rengoku during Rengoku's final moments. Tanjiro is not only inspired but also has deep admiration and respect for the flame Nashira. He considers himself a mentor. This is important for the story since Tanjiro could be the next Hahira.

Tanjiro will use the Dance of the Fire God [anime spoilers ahead] later in the anime. This is a rare style that is based on the Sun Breathing Technique. The same as Rengoku in that it speaks only in terms of Fire. This could be an ode to Rengoku's Flame-style user.

Additionally, the main characters have always been able to get help from Shinobukocho, Giyu Tomioka, or Hashira in times of need. Rengoku's tragic death is a motivation to Tanjiro and his buddies to work harder, become more independent and face these situations alone.

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For our main characters, the threat from Muzan Kibutsuji (the main antagonist of the series) is still a big deal in the grander picture. If Tanjiro is ever in a position of powerlessness, Rengoku's demon-slayer death serves as a marker.

Rengoku's untimely death is necessary for Tanjiro to continue his unwavering commitment to helping the innocent and the weak. Rengoku admires Tanjiro and is impressed at his determination to make his sister human again. He eventually entrusts himself and his will.

What happens in manga during Kyojuro Reigngoku's suicide?

Rengoku is initially presented as a comical figure with his poker face. The chapters reveal his true abilities, which are due to his flame-breathing technique. He is able to defeat Enmu, a Lower rank One of the Twelve Kizuki. This demon seeks to steal the spiritual centers of the demon-slayers and puts them into a deep sleep.

Chapter 66, "Scattering Dawn," describes Rengoku Death. Kyojuro informs Tanjiro to find old Hinokamikagura(Sun Breathing Style) notes at his parents' home. Tanjiro also requests that he tell his brother to chase his dreams and for his father to care for his body. He recognizes Nezuko, a demon slayer, and mentions her brave efforts to save passengers on trains.

Tanjiro was reminded by Kyujuro about the duties of being Hahira. They are the shields of the younger ones. He states that it is the only way to become a true demon slayer by risking your life for others. Finally, he says goodbye to his mother, who is happy to welcome him into the afterlife and expresses her pride in him.

What impact does Kyujuro Sengoku's passing have on Demon Slayer 2 Season 2?

The death of one of the most powerful Hashira doesn't end with the protagonist. Kyujuro's demise now weakens Hahira. The thirst for revenge, and the elimination of demons, will be more . Sanemi Shinazugawa will be the most eager to slash some demon heads.

Demon Slayer Season 2 introduces even more powerful villains. Tanjiro will be even more powerful with his Sun Breathing Style. Muzan will be glad Akaza took down one Nashira. With eight more alive, there's no time to celebrate.

Demon slayer Mugen train Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

KoyoharuGotouge is the author and illustrator of Demon Slayer Mugen train manga. Haruo Sokozak directs the movie. Akira Matsushima, the chief animator, is responsible for the animation. Yuki kajiura & Go shiina contribute music.


The character of Kyujuro Ringoku will be remembered by anime fans for a long time. The flame Nashira lasted less time but left an indelible impression on the anime. Rengoku's death inspires our young demon slayers, Tanjiro and his friends, to do better. Tanjiro, with his friends, who are fighting new demons in Demon Slayer 2 Season 2, could save their lives.


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