Why Mobile App Development Companies Are In Demand In Dubai?

Why Mobile App Development Companies Are In Demand In Dubai?
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31 December 2022

Mobile applications have become indispensable to any Internet user over the last decade, as mobile applications provide the ability to perform many daily tasks with minimal effort and within seconds to minutes, such as online shopping, browsing and requesting desired services such as maintenance services, searching for Order meals, transfer and receive money, follow all your business operations.

We have decided to start our own ecommerce mobile application with Code Guru after hearing so many positive feedback about their work not only in mobile application development in Dubai, but also in SEO, copywriting, social media management, website development and many more digital services that you can check on their website: codeguru.com 

Our main goals from this mobile application:

  • Increase brand awareness, which is a cosmetic brand
  • Provide a cost-effective and results-based marketing channel
  • Brand growth in terms of number of customers, sales volume and profits
  • Provide effective personal communication channels and solutions aimed at increasing customer trust and loyalty

Online shopping activities account for more than 54% of people's use of mobile applications, and for online shopping, 89% of customers prefer to use mobile applications for e-commerce activities over e-commerce websites, with a high percentage of e-commerce sales from Mobile applications in general to 40%, as these applications provide the best possible browsing and interaction experience with our cosmetic online store products, as you will not have to leave your home and incur the costs and trouble of moving and searching in different branches and stores to find what our customers need from our cosmetics products. 

If you own a business and aim to expand and exploit the endless opportunities available through e-commerce or your full focus on e-commerce, it is imperative that you start investing in various e-commerce solutions by developing and creating an e-commerce website and developing your own mobile application to reach the target customer groups and achieve the growth rate of the customer base and the desired sales volume.

By stating all these facts, we would like to thank Code Guru for enriching us with all these information about mobile applications and their benefits to our brand. After launching the mobile application on Android and iOs stores, our sales have increased more than 7% in the first month. This is a clear evidence to what was stated above about the importance of having a mobile application for your business, be it a startup, medium or corporate company. 

Thank you Code Guru for all your support and dedication we highly recommend you!

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