Why Name Badge Lanyards Are Great - from an Employee That Used to Use One!

Why Name Badge Lanyards Are Great - from an Employee That Used to Use One!
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I’ve worked in a number of different sorts of establishments throughout my life. I’ve worked in retail (several locations), at a kennel, as part of a meat room crew, and even in a school, as both a teacher and a para. I’ve also held a few office jobs. Now I’m a writer - go figure.

In some of those professions, it was necessary for me to wear a name badge on my shirt or with my uniform, not only for the purposes of identification but to grant me access to specific facilities.

Let me tell you why name badge lanyards often made more sense than stick-on, pin-on, or magnetic name badge holders.

The Inexorable Draw of the Lanyard Name Badge Holder
The main reason the lanyard name badge holder makes the most sense is that it is simply the easiest to use.

Pin-on name badges need to be applied every morning (or before every shift) especially if you use the shirt you’re working in that day for more than just work.

Worse than forgetting them is the fact that repeated applications of a pin-on badge will absolutely ruin the shirt’s fabric.

Stick-on badges are worse. They don’t ruin the fabric, necessarily, but they are easy to forget and fall off constantly.

Magnetic name badges are free from these issues, but it is still easy to forget to apply them.

None of these problems occurs with a lanyard name badge holder. I mean, it is easy to forget to put one on - but I kept the thing in my work bag. If I did forget, I didn’t need to remember where I needed to place it on my shirt or uniform, or waste time doing it. I just slipped it over my neck.

You can’t beat them for comfort or convenience. By the way, the lanyard name badge also makes the most sense where there is a concern for security. You can easily stretch a lanyard (even without a retractable holster) to reach a locked door or an RFID sensor.

The same can’t be said for pin-on, adhesive, or even magnetic name badge holders.

And, the lanyard has another draw, too. There are instances in which having a loop around your neck can be a serious occupational hazard - such as when working in a meat room or in a school. Let me tell you, a lanyard with a breakaway design is a real bonus in these situations.

Where Businesses Can Get High-Quality Name Badge Lanyards
Enough about me - let’s talk about where you can get high-quality name badge lanyards online for your employees.

Check out Imprint Plus at imprintplus.com. They carry a wide range of name badge lanyards in a variety of colors, all in breakaway designs, at affordable prices.

They’re also compatible with their PureClearTM PVC name badge holders, which resist fading and which are durable and water-resistant. From what I’ve read, they’re also made of EVA, which is more durable (and less toxic) than PVC.

One more thing - their name badge lanyards are made with an antimicrobial fabric that is perfect for nurses, food service workers, and of course, teachers.

Consider them the next time you’re looking for a practical refresh for your staff’s name badges.

For more information about Customized Lapel Pin and Metal Name Tags Please visit: Imprint Plus.

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