Why Not Standard Custom Delta 8 Cartridge Boxes?

Why Not Standard Custom Delta 8 Cartridge Boxes?

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>It is a fact of the sale in this modern world that attraction is directly proportionate to your product's marketing. The more appealing the packaging is to buyers, the more likely they will like to buy it. But standard packaging failed to grab their attention because of its unattractive design. People today are more brand- and appearance conscious than ever before. For them, unsuitable packaging means the product is cheap. It would be best if you upgraded your standard packaging to custom packaging to meet their standards.

Six ways to make your custom delta 8 cartridge packaging unbeatable

Durable cardboard material

The vape cartridge is filled with cannabis oil, concentrate, or heating elements. That’s why we provide cardboard material for Delta 8 cartridge boxes packaging. It has insulating properties and prevents heat and moisture from entering the box. More importantly, it is ideal for protecting the custom box's outer. Your dispatching is secure when you choose durable material for your product packaging. Many of its materials are recyclable and reusable. For an extra layer of protection, we apply lamination on coatings inside or outside the custom box. We offer:
  • Liquid base aqueous coating
  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
Note: Choose any of them; all are reliable and increase the custom box’s durability.

Custom inserts for inner safety:

The cartridge needs to be secure from custom inserts. Otherwise, continuous striking can damage the delicate glass-made cartridges. That’s why we suggest you keep the custom cardboard or foam inserts. We can customize it according to any shape or type of cartridge. These inserts provide luxurious packaging on a budget. Get an extra discount on inserts at the end-of-season sale. 

Enchanting designs with PMS and CMYK colour schemes:

We have an outstanding design gallery based on the various product requirements. Which is personalized by our design experts’ team. They do not blindly share a few designs for your product. They do research first and then check the market hype related to product marketing. Then they introduce the elegant design for your product. And they use authentic PMS and CMYK colour schemes for unbeatable colour shades in the designing procedure. And don’t worry about the uneven saturation and colour contrast. We have excellent printing machines such as:
  • Offset printing machine
  • Digital printing machine
  • Screen printing machine

Guidelines for Custom inserts box style:

That’s the integrity of iCustomboxes to give you a self-box styling option. Then we make it possible for your product worth by customizing it. You can choose custom cardboard inserts with PVC sheets for single Custom Delta 8 cartridge boxes packaging. We customize it with a handle and perforations on the back side, which makes it easily open without extra effort. Or use straight or reverse tuck in a rectangular box style with a handle and die-cut window. For more than one vape cartridge packaging, use tuck front, two-piece or sleeve and tray box style. 

The die-cut window for vape cartridges:

Could you make a die-cut window on the custom vape box surface for your and the buyer's facilities? They can easily choose the required shape for their vape pipe without opening the custom box. You can design die-cut windows in any form or side of the box surface. We cover the die-cut window with PVC to prevent dust. Also, the die-cut boxes look so eye-catching in the shop display. 

Astonishing enhancements or add-ons for custom vape cartridges boxes:

If you want unbeatable packaging in affordable ways, use our classy add-ons. You can choose any of them; all are equally elegant in their specifications. You can also seek advice from our experts. We have, embossing or debossing, sparkle stamping, foiling, and spot UV. You can use any of them for highlighting brand logo text or design on the custom vape cartridge packaging.
Reference: https://businessegy.com/why-not-standard-custom-delta-8-cartridge-boxes/
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