Why RV Fish Houses Can Be A Great Companion When Ice Fishing?

Why RV Fish Houses Can Be A Great Companion When Ice  Fishing?

Although RV and traditional fishing houses cater to similar purposes, they have some clear differences that can play a significant role when ice fishing. Unlike traditional fishing houses, RV houses are hydraulically-assisted travel trailers that enable you to lower and seal them to the level of the ice in the winter. Once in position, the camper's floors contain portholes that can be opened for fishing. Let us see in this post why you need to find an RV fish house for sale in MN. 

Fish houses have distinctive designs that allow the anglers to cast a line while being warm, sleeping, or preparing meals without exiting onto the ice. Being excellent warm-weather campers, RV houses have greatly improved over traditional fish houses. With an RV house, your fishing journey does not have to end with melting ice. The main goal of fish houses is to provide ultimate comfort during ice fishing. A simple house will have a few ports, a wet bath, a tiny kitchen, and maybe a couch that can be converted into a bed. But an RV fishing house will also have other amenities, like full kitchens, several fishing openings, communal sleeping areas, additional storage, separate toilet, and other facilities. If you can find an RV fish house for sale in MN, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages.

Flexible Trailer Axles

The wheelhouse in an RV fishing house can be raised or lowered using a hydrodynamic lift or winches. The flexible trailer will feature adjustable axles with a camper box that can descend to the surface of the ice as the tires cling to the sidewalls of the camper by lifting the axles into a groove in the vehicle's undercarriage. It can be adjusted simply by manually pulling the lever or pressing the button to operate the axle mechanism. Since the trailer's bottom borders will adhere to the ice, they will not slide around inside, thus preventing the RV from swinging. Moreover, no chilly air draughts will enter the camper's interior if you open the floor ports.  

Access To Port Lights

RV fishing houses have several ports that have tightly-fitting coverings that can be screwed into the holes when you are ready for fishing. Some ports also have LED blue lights below their margins to simplify the fishing process since fish cannot see blue light. The high-quality fish houses are also pre-wired with sonar or underwater cameras, allowing you to watch the conditions and the fish below.

Tough Construction

Most RV houses are made from durable materials, thus helping them withstand harsh travel conditions and winter camping. The roof trusses are made sturdy to handle heavy snow accumulations without buckling. The strong construction with thick walls and flooring framework can help withstand strong winds and ice storms by allowing more insulation. The structure is built to resist hot weather and rain as well.

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Improved Insulation

RV fish houses have airtight, high R-value insulation. This helps to keep the chilly winds from interfering with and stressing the heating and cooling systems. The walls, flooring, and ceilings may also be insulated with thick spray foam. Some manufacturers may even combine standard fiberglass batting with rigid foam board insulation to fill the small gaps. Extra insulation will be added on the base and underside of the trailer to prevent the freezing and cracking of the holding tanks and water lines while the trailer is directly parked above the ice. 

Perfect Design 

RV fish houses have the perfect design and storage with long counters and spacious storage spaces. This gives you enough room to set up supplies, wash fish, prepare bait, store long or bulky fishing equipment, and allow for simple organization. 

How Thick Should The Ice Be?

Pulling your fish house onto the ice could be risky without knowing how much the trailer weighs and how much weight the ice can support. Any additional people or equipment can also add to the strain on the ice sheet. So make sure that you adhere to any ice fishing regulations for your state. This will ensure that you remain safe from your fish house and tow car.

Wrapping Up

Ice-fishing RV houses deliver a flawless performance by allowing you to cook, stay warm, do laundry, and also sleep soundly. Due to the additional air conditioning system and other beneficial RV features, the ice fishing trailers can be easily transported to the campgrounds throughout the year.

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