Why Samsung Health Is Working On 'Sleep Function'

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"As Galaxy Watch users are very interested in sleep functions, the number of users of 'sleep functions' has recently doubled. The future strategy of 'Samsung Health', a global health solution used by 64 million people every month around the world, is 'sleep'."

"Sleep is a window of health," said Hon Pak, managing director of Samsung Electronics' MX division at a Samsung Health Media briefing held at Samsung Electronics' press room in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 23rd.

Samsung Health was released in 2012 with a simple fitness recording function. Since then, various functions such as blood pressure and electrocardiogram have been added. In 2021, it evolved into a professional digital health platform with the application of a "bioactive sensor" that can measure irregular heart rhythms. Last month, it also launched a function to predict women's menstrual cycles using temperature sensors.

Executive Director Pak emphasized that the core of Samsung Health's future strategy lies in its "sleep function." This is because improving exercise or eating habits takes a lot of time to be effective, but in the case of sleep, it is reflected in the immediate condition the next day. In fact, as awareness of the importance of sleep has increased, half of all Galaxy Watch users have recently used sleep functions every week, and 40% of them consistently use sleep functions at least three times a week to monitor their sleep habits.

"For example, in-depth tests such as sleep polysomnography by medical institutions will be required, but trend data collected through Samsung Health data is also important," he said. "When contextual data are supplemented along with clinical data, it can be of great help in terms of patient compliance with treatment."


Galaxy Watch users can identify sleep cycles through the latest "Bioactive Sensor" and receive sleep coaching programs based on accumulated data by recommending animal types that suit them. The program was designed with research institutes based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBTI), which helps improve sleep without drug treatment. It provides sleep guides and tips that users can easily follow in their daily lives, and continues to provide results analysis and support messages for motivation.

In addition, Samsung Electronics plans to add functions to create an optimized sleep environment through the "Samsung Smart Things" solution that controls not only mobile products such as Galaxy smartphones and watches but also various household appliances. In the second half of this year, the Galaxy Watch sensor will be improved to automatically set up detailed parts such as rear lights. In addition, Samsung Health will introduce personalized exercise functions and enhanced health monitoring functions. Based on the user's cardiopulmonary ability, a five-step heart rate section is provided to guide exercise intensity. From warming up to high-intensity aerobic exercise, you can exercise effectively by setting it as you want.

Samsung Electronics is also considering upgrading the functions of Samsung Health and expanding it to paid models. "We will not only measure health, but also develop Samsung Health functions to form health habits according to ourselves," Director Pac said. "It is free now, but we are considering premiumizing it as a business model and expanding it to a paid subscription model in the future." Read More

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