Why should businesses choose Cloud business phone services?

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business phone service providers often suggest cloud telephony start-ups and small businesses. Currently, the global epidemic has led to a shift in work culture toward hybrid work. It has also changed the working format of corporate companies. Due to the crisis created by the consequences of the pandemic, businesses of all sizes started looking for a Cloud business phone solution that is cost-effective while enhancing the capabilities of even a large enterprise PBX.

However, it is a smart option that established the system of remote working culture. They want the same tools for communication as in the office. As a result, you can have access to a whole new world of flexibility as your phone calls are digital now. Here, employees can share files, chat with one another, and even use video conferencing while proving the importance of cloud phones for businesses.

Cloud Phone Integrations with other systems:

Business phone solutions can be integrated with other systems like your help desk or customer relationship management (CRM) system with their adaptability. Your employees can use these connections to search your call records. Agents can access new information about your target market's demographics and customer requirements also.

With the use of cloud solutions, business customers can take advantage of the wide range of capabilities offered by internet calling services and these are extremely adaptable to business needs. 

However, what ratio of features to price should you aim for?

In today’s market, numerous corporate VoIP systems are available. However, choosing one can be a bit confusing due to its distinct features and pricing options. In fact, some service providers may concentrate on distinct characteristics. For that reason, they look for a Contact Center to understand call center features to deploy and adapt. Here are some tips to help you pick the right business VoIP provider.

How to reduce the Cost of Investing?

During the growth stage, businesses generally anticipate the features they will require and plan for that. And, they must be creative and logical enough to anticipate future requirements. Check to see if your Cloud business phone provider is able to scale as per your needs. Then, it is time to consider the impact on prices in the future.

Any Business requires a variety of dialing options:

The wide range of audio and video calling options offered by cloud phone systems is one of the best features of cloud technology. Their most initial function is to emulate a standard PBX, where employees use the simplest handsets and headsets to make and receive calls. 

Some service providers sell elegant phone systems with additional functionality. While others allow you to connect your existing phones to ATAs.

Softphone Apps:

Softphones give the highest form of flexibility in business operations. These are additional dialing option that is only available with internet phone systems. A softphone is software that runs on your computer, tablet, or even a smartphone just like its name suggests. Using the headset, microphone, and speakers that are attached achieves phone functionality.

In the present remote working culture, it is essential to send and receive files during a call and to integrate calendars and messaging for best team collaboration. These are just a few of the many exciting features that these softphone apps offer. Note that these features are not present in conventional phone systems.

Mobile softphones take this one step further. Field workers frequently require the complete phone functionality suite for mobile devices to function properly. In contrast, remember that not all Cloud business phone providers supply mobile softphone applications with the same value and services. The majority of providers have a variety of mobile app versions, varying in quality and feature sets.

Customer​​ Service:

Regarding every aspect, Cloud telephony is an excellent tool for your business. It allows you to make it possible to easily connect with their employees and customer base. Businesses do not need to worry about the equipment needed to operate things like landlines. Cloud calling systems work only on the internet and any device with internet connectivity can do all the required jobs.

Besides, it is cost-effective and simple to implement. Cloud telephony works particularly well for businesses of all sizes.

The benefit of Team Collaboration:

In addition to the above-discussed capabilities, cloud phone services have a variety of collaboration tools that allow your employees to meet, interact, and collaborate online. Some of the frequently used options are video conferencing, SMS texting, and collaboration via online meetings.

However, some of the best abilities include the capacity to share the screen in order to demonstrate or give a presentation. To make it clearer, online video conferencing typically includes options for flexible calling and file management in general. Sharing documents and keeping track of participants is possible through new technological interpretations.

Call Management:

These feature sets of virtual platforms typically target distinct audiences. This means that even in products of direct competition with one another, one might not find the same features as it depends on the provider.

To provide an illustration, a large number of phone numbers on a smartphone receive a lot of calls at the same time. If this is the case, a call queuing feature is necessary to allow the cloud phone service to intelligently divide calls among extensions based on availability and other factors.

Another feature is the extension control. The system manages a call directory that is integrated with the IT department's network listing. It assigns extensions to individual customers.

Easily Accessible:

When adding features to your phone system, you must be careful with the custom integrations. One should anticipate an increase in price despite their advanced features. Additionally, any third parties that integrate the cloud phone might not offer the necessary customer support. Therefore, try to find adequate support for an integration mechanism.

Unified Communications:

Your company should use a reputed Cloud business phone service provider like Vitel Global India.  We are the one-stop shop for all of your business communication requirements. This feature is commonly referred to as "unified communications as a service" (UCaaS) by service providers.

Using this, you can integrate your chat, conference calls, emails, phone calls, video calls, and voicemail into a single app. Although many providers offer this service, not all VoIP providers are the same way.


In addition to providing extensive unified communications capabilities, we provide the finest virtual meeting spaces and additional add-on features if required. To add, softphones that are extremely unified and advanced may be offered by some experienced providers. However, integrations might prove difficult in the majority of instances.

Depending on the company, the business owner should have a well-planned business plan with all the essential features. Therefore, your staff can use it for internal communication as well as external.

Suppose, if you intend to use the business phone system primarily for voice calls, there is no need to think much. Businesses can use various communication channels more effectively with a unified system. If you want more information about our plans, facilities, and assistance.

Vitel Global India is a cloud-based phone solution that is best in class and includes fully secured, cross-channel communication. It enables your agents to seamlessly shift support interactions from one channel to the next. See how it works to learn how Vitel Global India can help you to choose the right communication. Why not request a free demo today?

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