Why Should Cybersecurity Be Your Priority in 2022?

Why Should Cybersecurity Be Your Priority in 2022?
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30 November 2022

Cyber security incidents are something out of a bad dream, and you wouldn’t want to face this nightmare anytime soon. But unfortunately, these incidents are increasing in sophistication and frequency. Hackers and cybercriminals constantly target businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and individuals.

Part of the challenge is to balance the need for technological innovation with the need for heightened security.

Some of the cybersecurity strategies implemented by responders are:

  • Updating software and hardware

Software updates are provided by developers for three reasons: to fix known bugs, to add new features, and beef up security. Updating the software will protect you against known and unknown security vulnerabilities.

If the computer hardware is outdated, it will not support the recent software security upgrades. Therefore, you must always keep the hardware up-to-date.

  • Use VPNs

Download a VPN or virtual private network to create a secure and private network. VPNs encrypt the network and protect users’ personal information from third parties and ISPs.

VPNs disguise IP addresses so that unauthorized personnel cannot find out the accurate location of the user.

  • Use anti-virus software

Total protection against malware and viruses is impossible if you are connected to the Internet. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for loopholes, and they may attack at any time.

Installing anti-virus software can significantly reduce your vulnerability and protect your device against known and unknown cyber threats.

  • Don’t click suspicious links

You must always check links before clicking on them. This is because most cybercriminals disguise links, and your system might be infected with a virus when you click on them.

Similarly, always check before downloading an attachment or clicking on images or links within emails sent by unknown senders.

  • Regularly change your passwords

It would be best if you were not lazy while creating passwords. Ensure it comprises numbers, alphabets, special characters, etc. Also, passwords must always be complicated and unique.

Moreover, don’t get too comfortable with a single password. Keep different passwords for different accounts and change them frequently.

  • Avoid using public networks

When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, you are connected to everyone using the same network. Therefore, any information you receive or send is vulnerable.

It is best to stay away from public networks. But if you must connect them, use a VPN.

Reasons why cybersecurity must be your topmost priority

Cyber security is a system of protocols and technologies to protect necessary electronic networks, computing resources, and sensitive data against hackers. The term is universally used in the current digitalization climate. Password authentication, data encryption, and network perimeter are some examples of protective mechanics against malicious attacks.

Cyber attacks are showing an upward trajectory; it is always better to be prepared than respond after hackers have stolen your data. Here are some reasons you must prioritize cybersecurity in 2022 and beyond.

  • Cybersecurity is more than protecting one’s self

Businesses have a responsibility to protect their clients and customers. This includes keeping their personal data hidden from hackers and cybercriminals.

Protecting one’s business data is critical to any company, but keeping client and customer data safe is more important. If this data is compromised and accessed by cybercriminals, it can create havoc.

  • Cyber attackers are always targeting financial institutions

Financial institutions are the lead target of cybercriminals because that’s where the money is. Different types of cyber attacks threaten the financial industry and are coupled with regulatory measures and FINRA-required disclosures, which are used to thwart cyber crimes.

It is essential to train your representatives on how they can identify cyber threats and provide advice to clients and customers regarding the proper steps to prevent such attacks.

  • Identity theft can be distressing

When it comes to identity theft, FINRA obligates companies to adopt security standards to safeguard personal and financial customer data. This helps to provide a comprehensive overview of the meaning of identity theft and what it entails.

  • Cybercriminals do not discriminate

Many years ago, rumors falsely assured people that personal computers were not the target of cybercriminals and that only companies and financial institutions were on their radar. But unfortunately, hackers and cybercriminals do not discriminate. Also, computers and Internet networks have evolved and become a daily necessity. People use them for accomplishing daily tasks, including shopping, banking, etc.

Hackers target users by sending them links within emails that appear legitimate. Also, users unwittingly download viruses when downloading games or movies from unauthorized websites.

  • Cyber attack remediations are costly

You know by now that there are different types of cyber attacks. You might know about them but need guidance to prevent them. While there are resources to help you, they can be costly. If the cyber attack has already happened, it can be mentally distressing and financially draining.

So it is best to have cybersecurity measures in place to reduce the risks.

  • Sensitive data is more digitized than ever

There has been an unprecedented surge of analyzed and collected data following the digitization of different social life and economic sectors.

How people interact via social media websites and organizations communicate with their clients and customers has dramatically changed. Nobody opts for pen and paper to communicate anymore because there’s technology to ease communication worldwide.

Thanks to technology, there’s the ease of transferring information, and it can also be stored on a cloud-based system. Unfortunately, due to this heightened connectivity, cyber attacks have increased, as also the regularity of compromised, leaked, or stolen sensitive information like trade secrets, personal data, and bank account details.

  • Reputations are at stake

When organizations become victims of cyber attacks, they not only suffer financially, but also their reputation is damaged. Brands depend on customer trust; if this trust is broken, the brand fails to make a mark in the industry.

If customers come to know that the brand has failed to protect its customer’s data, its credibility is at stake. It becomes difficult for the company to build that trust again. This leads to a slide in stock value, and customers may even turn to other companies offering better reliability.

Final thoughts

So now you know why cybersecurity must be a priority now and always. Don’t let sensitive information fall into the hands of hackers and cybercriminals.

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