Why should digital agencies steer clear of shared hosting?

Why should digital agencies steer clear of shared hosting?
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Shared hosting is the basic thing that small businesses often opt for due to the low price it carries. However, the associated risks and security threats will always outweigh the advantages, and you must watch out for them. Shared hosting has never been a good choice for digital agencies as they have multiple online visitors to service. These agencies can’t afford downtime or slow loading speed because it will drive the users away. This post will clarify why digital agencies should steer clear of shared hosting to avoid chaos. Stay tuned to learn more!

Reasons to avoid shared hosting for digital agencies:

Shared hosting is a single server with multiple websites hosted on it. All these websites share the server resources, making it slower for almost everyone. The choice has always been a nightmare for digital agencies, requiring dedicated and fast-paced services to cater to their online customers. We have a few solid points to convince you why steering clear of shared hosting is a positive thing. Let us dive deep into the reasons!

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1. Increased downtime:

Server-side errors are always irritating as you have no hand in fixing them. All you can do is wait for the host to fix the issue and get the wheel rolling. However, it is easier said than done as it takes time to bring a shared server back to its normal condition. Since a shared server has no backup plan, your website will remain down for as long as the problem exists. Your digital agency must not bear all this!

Lack of resources can lead to increased downtime, and you can lose your potential online customers. If a single website on the server experiences a traffic surge, all the other hosted sites will crash, leading to frequent downtime.

2. Higher vulnerabilities and security risks:

A shared server is often vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to delays in patching and updates. The hosted websites on this server are also prone to hacking attempts, and your digital agency must not be left unsecured. Websites hosted on a shared server are also prone to attacks as they are less secure than other platforms.

Digital agencies should always host their websites on a secure hosting platform to enjoy the associated perks. Whether you seek security patches or updates, you can find everything in a reliable hosting plan. Consider contacting Dubai Hosting companies and browse through their collection of plans for your agency website!

3. Blocked website access:

A shared server often hosts banned websites with malicious content, which creates accumulative issues. The number of websites hosted on a shared hosting plan often exceeds 100, and who knows which website is banned? In that case, ISP can block access to the entire server by blocking the server IP blocks.

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What if access to all the websites on a shared server is blocked due to a single banned website? It is a serious issue that no website can afford – especially digital agencies. Why block your website due to the wrongdoings of someone else? Other hosting platforms never have this issue, and you better look for a viable alternative!

4. Higher risk of data loss:

A shared hosting environment is never friendly regarding scraping data from website. You can never think of automatic backups in a shared hosting arrangement, so be ready for data loss at any instant. The host will often upgrade a client’s website during a patch, and what if he accidentally overwrites a website backup plan? It can lead to a serious problem and must be taken care of.

The incident may go unnoticed, and what if there is a data loss event? With no backup in place, you can risk a huge data loss, which is hard to recover. Why not avoid this issue by opting for a secure website hosting platform? Consider contacting Top Dubai Hosting companies and browse their collection of plans for your digital agency website!

5. Hampered growth:

Growth and scalability are probably essential elements of any business with the right strategies. Your digital agency will surely grow, requiring more server-related resources like bandwidth and disk space. This scalability is impossible with a shared hosting plan as the provider will say NO to your demands.

A shared hosting plan will never accommodate your growing business needs as it has to share the resources among countless sites. It can seriously hamper the productivity and growth of your digital agency, which is an alarming concern. Better stay away from this plan!

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Take your online business performance to the next level!

Website hosting could be a perfect decision to add value to your website and online performance. You can ensure a streamlined customer experience for your online visitors with excellent uptime, resources, and bandwidth. Contact reliable web hosting companies to browse your desired hosting plan for your website. Call them today!

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I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Health, technology, business, and the latest digital marketing trends. 

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