Why Should You Love to Choose MEAN Stack for Your Web Development Project

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When it largely comes to web development, web developers have got an array of choices to make. However, at the same point of time one should also remember that technology is getting upgraded and posing new challenges; so when you are selecting a JavaScript framework, choose one that offers you a scope to exhibit your skills and flexibility to work conveniently. And precisely more that reason more and more web developers have switched from LAMP/WAMP stack to MEAN stack, which is excelling at the present moment.

The MEAN stack is regarded as suitable whether you are building a website for a startup business or a well-established organization. In fact, both the frontend as well as the backend developers prefer using this JavaScript framework for the web development process.

The Components of MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is an open source software where M stands for MongoDB, E stands for Express, A stands for AngularJS, and lastly, and N means Node.js respectively. It will be viable to discuss each of these technical terms separately.

The combination of all these four technologies has been a blessing for web developers as they can easily cater to even complex projects.


The first of the acronyms MongoDB is usually a cross-platform independent and open-source database framework. One of its primary functions is managing the database.

It depends on the architecture comprising of collections documents and not on tables and rows. But one of the key advantages of having MongoDB is the usage of JSON format helpful in transferring the data.

In addition, it is also cost-effective and can also be effectively used for the transfer of client and server-side data.  This is not all. You can also use it for various other purposes including storing files, preparing indexes, load balancing, and aggregation.

This is another very popular JavaScript framework-based web application that lends a helping hand to the APIs when developing web applications.

It is through this cutting-edge technology that the developer can add new features and when it combines with Node.js, the development process gets more simplified. It is mainly used for backend development and one can write faster and more securer applications.


As Express.js is basically implied for the backend development process, Angular is used for the frontend operations.

Therefore, it can be regarded as an ideal friend for the Full Stack frontend developers who are busy on the project. Since this framework is being developed by Google, the reliability factor therefore increases. You can build dynamic web applications that are fully scalable and contains a modular structure.


Apart from that it also has the capability of data binding helping developers to pay attention to the codes and main application. What is more interesting to note is that it is one of the major developing tools for building mobile apps as well with the assistance of Apache Cordova for Cross-platform.

Advantages of Choosing MEAN Stack

Now, let’s analyze a few important reasons why MEAN stack is leading the way forward in the JavaScript framework:

1. Choose MEAN Stack Due to its Budget Friendliness

One of the vital reasons why MEAN stack has topped the list of both the client as well as the developer is due to its budget-friendly nature. The clients will not need to search for different developers because this framework is full stack.

In fact, ever since it has gained prominence, a number of young aspiring developers are showing their keen interest. It gives you the opportunity to work as an efficient team where all JavaScript developers are assigned a project and they work on it with coordination.

The developers can share the codes with one another and it is reusable within the stack.

2. It’s an Entire JavaScript

Another point that goes in favor of MEAN stack is that it’s a full JavaScript framework that proves beneficial for both the client and the server side.

Furthermore, it supports both Windows and Linux OS. Because of the presence of JavaScript, it offers optimal user experience and also assists in managing the data appropriately.

The JavaScript also plays a handy role in the recovery of the data and if you are using MEAN, then this process further speeds up. It has become a reliable and powerful framework that helps developers to develop web applications.

Both Node.js and Angular provide a better scope to make scalable and dynamic web applications. Therefore, the chances of traffic increases become more likely.


There remains no doubt that the MEAN stack is a perfect choice when it comes to developing a dynamic and highly visited web application. It provides you the platform to build single-page applications as well as more difficult applications. Indeed, Node.js has already got some of the giant players on the platform including Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, etc.

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