Why Unity is the Ideal Game Development Engine

Why Unity is the Ideal Game Development Engine
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If you look at the previous decades and how gaming has evolved so far – there is a clear difference in the way games were designed and the purpose they served. A video game includes different stakeholders and is more than just completing a mission – there are entire storylines involved. To bridge the gap between a compelling plot and stunning graphics that make the game almost realistic, payment methodologies define everything.

Unity 3D engine is a leading name when it comes to creating projects in real-time that cross the binaries of physics, making creativity stand out. The flexible real-time development platform enables anyone to create multiplatform games with an interactive experience.

And Unity stands out – it is accessible and easy to adapt to. The engine is designed to be simple, understandable, and accommodating enough – enabling everyone to be a part of the gaming ecosystem.

In this article, we will look at why Unity stands out and the kind of role it plays in an Android app development companyhow you can benefit the most from the situation.

Market Stats for Unity

Unity has been around for almost two decades and it has kept up with all kinds of trends, there is a reason that the most popular games you see were developed on Unity. And we are talking about the likes of Pokémon GO and Subway Surfers. With unprecedented growth underway, it has elevated the gaming ecosystem. Here are a few figures that should help you better understand the context:

  • Unity remains the most popular engine choice among developers. Over 61% use it.
  • Over 2.9 billion active monthly users are involved in the creation process.
  • Over 94 out of 100 gaming studios are completely dependent on Unity.
  • 34% of the free games on both the App Store and Play Store are designed on Unity.

In the near future – we are projecting that the numbers will continue to rise and when companies set out to hire an Android app developer, finding someone who particularly understands Unity will not be an issue at all. 

Top Benefits: What to Know

It doesn't matter if you hire a custom software development company or outsource your project to a dedicated team, these are the things you should know about game development.

It is open to all

When we talk about inclusion and accessibility, Unity truly stands out considering the tools and the features it comes with, a plus point is that it is completely free to use with no additional cost whatsoever. Initiate as many projects as you’d like and move forward with the idea. Unity Editor enables even beginners to get into game development and see what the fuss is about.

For personal projects, Unity works fine and even for commercial reasons – Unity is completely free to use if the revenue does not exceed $100k. You will only have to get a license when your game reaches maturity and generates a sustainable income for your business.

An insightful community

You will need consistent support from other companies, developers, and gaming enthusiasts. Gaming is a vast space now and there are a lot of open-ended questions you will need an answer to. Plus, with instability everywhere, you will need a sense of direction. Knowing where to head and taking the right steps matters a lot.

With millions of developers hooked onto the gaming engine and continuously dropping down their personal insights on the forum, rest assured, you will get to talk and even collaborate with leading developers who are actively working towards innovation in the gaming space and trying to make the most out of Unity.

 And with the community – more than learning advanced methodologies and what to adapt – beginners can even look at tutorials. The internet is filled with tutorials on how to use the gaming engine. From beginner to expert level, there is something for everyone.

Compatible with everyone

We are talking about Unity crafting the pathway for both mobile devices and consoles along with desktop devices. It is compatible with every device and the development environment is designed to be readjusted accordingly. You can compare different stages and see how a game would look on one platform as compared to another. See gaming dimensions in iOS, Android,

Coding for individual platforms is outdated and less efficient now. In fact, it is an obsolete concept in most cases. Be smart and see how cross-platform development from Unity could help you upscale your business and create a marketable game.

Create both 2D and 3D games

Contrary to popular myth, games on Unity are designed for both 2D and 3D gaming and enable developers to choose the kind of methodology they are comfortable with. Mobile apps development Houston is still an emerging field and there are different stakeholders looking into other technologies. See the kind of role you can play and how you may create engaging games, focusing on storytelling and a worthwhile experience.

Whether it be 3D or 2D. The experience matters. Integrating different dimensional spaces and ultimately creating a game that uses physics in the best way possible is made easy through Unity. 

Final Thoughts

Overall – as the inclusion of technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse as a whole is getting more popular by the day – we expect gaming trends to evolve likewise as well. In the upcoming ecosystem, there will be a demand for technological companies to keep up with the trends and go beyond conventionalism.

It can be either gaming or any other kind of field. Mediocrity will not stand a chance. We suggest you talk to different gaming companies and see how they can help you upscale your business while keeping in mind what the audience wants and how to gauge the best opportunities. You do not want to miss the fuss. The space for Unity as a gaming engine will continue to grow and we expect you to use it as the default tool.

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