Why We Use a Line Driver?

Why We Use a Line Driver?
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18 February 2022

Why We Use a Line Driver?

In cable modems as well as CATV set-top boxes, high-performance analog circuitry is crucial to the operation. Line drivers may exceed the output voltage capabilities of standard emitter-follower output stages. The line driver ic is an electronic amplifier circuit designed to be used for controlling a load, such as a transmission line. The amplifier's output resistance can be adjusted to match the resistance of the line.


 Why We Use a Line Driver?


The line driver ic is a set of transistors that are packaged inside an IC which allows several higher power outputs to be controlled from your low-power project. Since they are just sets of transistors, they are either sinking or sourcing power.

Except as mentioned above, we also see an audio line driver in our life.


What is an audio line driver?

Audio line drivers are electronic amplifier circuit that was designed to drive a load, like a transmission line. In the field of analog audio lines, an audio line driver is usually utilized to drive line-level analog signal outputs, like connecting a CD player into an amplified audio speaker.


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