Why Won’t My LG TV Connect to WiFi?[Answered!]

Why Won’t My LG TV Connect to WiFi?[Answered!]
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If your LG TV is having problems connecting to WiFi, there may be a number of contributing causes. For instance, you might need to update the settings on your router or you might be suffering interference from other devices or old software!(Why won't my LG tv connect to WiFi)

Why won't my LG tv connect to WiFi

Your LG smart TV probably isn’t connecting to WiFi if you’re reading this post. You’re not alone, so don’t worry! This issue is rather typical, and there are numerous tried-and-true solutions available that you may use to quickly connect your device to the WiFi.

For a step-by-step guidance on connecting your TV and using all of its features and functions without difficulty, continue reading.

Identify Items or Devices That May Interfere

There may be occasions when objects or appliances interfere with your WiFi signal. Verify that no wireless equipment, whether a wireless phone, baby monitor, smart pad, or other gadget, is preventing the TV from operating as intended.

WiFi connectivity may also be impacted by interference from other routers that use the same frequency as yours. For instance, the router belonging to your neighbor could be to blame. You can experience connectivity problems if your software doesn’t have the most latest firmware.

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The router’s authentication method is another cause of WiFi disconnects. Try replacing WEP with the other authentication methods if WEP is being utilized.

Put the QuickStart Feature off.

Although not all LG TVs have this feature, if yours does, disabling it can help you fix your connection issue. To make this happen:

Your remote control’s “Settings” button should be pressed.

Toggle the option to “All Settings” to activate it.

Select “General” from the menu.

Why won't my LG tv connect to WiFi

Choose “Quick Start” from the list of choices.

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After turning off the TV, run a power cycle. Check the connection’s functionality lastly.

Make sure the Simplink feature is turned off since it can interfere with connections.

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