Will Sony release a Playstation Slim?

Will Sony release a Playstation Slim?
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29 November 2022

The Sony Playstation has been incredibly popular since it was released in 1995 in North America and Europe. This phenomenon has not changed with the release of four more versions of the popular gaming console. Every version of the Playstation has also become a slim-line version as well but some are not so sure that Sony will release one any time soon with many of the betting offers today suggesting it will be the case.

However, this could all change with Sony Confirmed For CES 2023 which will take place in the first weekend of January. Will it be announced there that there will be a PS5 slim or are people holding onto hope for something that will just not materialise?

Why is there slim speculation?

Sony are usually starting to keep people interested in the Playstation after a three-year life span. It has happened with all the four previous models and many anticipated the same for the PS5 when that was first released in November 2020.

The first model was the PS One and that was a smaller, dinkier-looking design than the bulky-looking Playstation One that was first released. It started off a trend for Sony who, with technology restrictions, have had to make larger components to help the machine function.

As time has progressed the chips and processors have become smaller, meaning a larger fan and other components have not needed to be so big. The biggest difference was the PS3 slim version which shaved off so much excess look that many people traded in their devices because the slim looked so much better than the PS3; also a lot less red lights of death!

With 2023 just round the corner people are expecting the announcement that Sony will release the PS5 slim next year. However, as stated, that does not look like it will be the case.

Why is there a lack of slim traction?

Sony have run into many issues with the Playstation 5 from lack of supply issues with components to loud fans to not being able to get enough consoles to stockers to very expensive graphics cards. It has been a logistical nightmare for Sony.

However, they have still been able to keep ticking over and selling Playstations like hotcakes. In just three years there have been 25 million sales which means it has outsold the Xbox. The want is still there from people and they are still willing to buy the product meaning why would people want to buy the slim when they are still wanting to buy the original?

But it has been stated that people are, understandably, unsure of how they will afford the product due to prices not decreasing over time as much as was expected. Many consoles are still around $400 (either side) for the digital and the disc version.

Would there be a demand for the slim?

Very much so! The slim version is usually cheaper when it is released and people are often holding off for that price decrease to happen especially in these trying times when the cost of living is exponential.

It certainly helps as well that the slimmer consoles look much more aesthetically pleasing, especially with the current 5 version looking more like an intergalactic fridge!

Will it realistically happen?

People are very much on the fence about it. Some are saying no chance but some are saying it is only a matter of when rather than if. Sony are already slimming down internally as the new versions of the digital PS5 are a massive 300 grams lighter than the first released versions. It does suggest something is in the making and it could be about to take people by surprise.

Will it follow the same three-year cycle? It is hard to say but I think the PS5 slim could be about to hit the market.

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