Will you help Zniw on her Journey?

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Zniw Adventure, a 2D point-and-click title featuring cartoon dinosaurs, is inspired by adventure games and edutainment titles from the 90's. It features a comic book-like style of art, frame-by-frame animation, and unlockable features like concept art and minigames. The in-game encyclopedia fills with prehistoric creatures as you explore them and lets you learn more about them. Enjoy the prehistoric world in an unique cartoony style!

Zniw is seeking the perfect present to celebrate her mother's hatchday. Rsps The young female dinosaur is sharp-tongued, but has no the ability to navigate. Zniw has to leave Wajapulka due to unfortunate events. While desperately trying to find her way back she stumbles in on an issue that is affecting the neighboring village.

Are you willing to help Zniw on her journey?

- Oldschool 4:3 cartoon visuals featuring hand-drawn backgrounds as well as frame-by-frame animation.

- More than 5 minutes of cartoon cutscenes.

An in-game encyclopedia including descriptions of prehistoric creatures objects, locations, and items.

More than 20 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures will be encountered along the way.

No blood, gore, foul language or any other kind of violence. Fun for all different ages

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