WinUI 3.0: Alpha Release released

Alex Alex 05 November 2019
WinUI 3.0: Alpha Release released

Microsoft has revised the User Interface for the Windows platform. The Alpha Release of the Windows User Interface 3.0 is now released for Testing!

Windows is the focus of the currently running Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida (4.-8. November 2019): Microsoft is developing a new User Interface (UI) for the Windows platform. This should close the gap between Win32 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and both clubs. The coming WinUI 3.0 Alpha will be presented this week at the Microsoft Ignite as a Preview. First of all, the new interface is only available to developers for Testing and Feedback.

Open Source: a test version of WinUI 3.0 Alpha on GitHub

A full pre-release is announced for the first half of 2020. The developer test version of WinUI 3.0 will be available starting this week on GitHub. Under the „Milestones“ the development of WinUI 3.0 watch. For developers of Apps is interesting: Microsoft is moving away now from the constraint, the applications on the UWP and the Microsoft Store tailor. In the future, all Apps unit are to be delivered as „Windows Apps“.

progress for App developers

The new interface for Windows 10 (Windows 10 UI) is to be developed from now on, separately from the UWP development kit (SDK) more.
This innovation could soon make life easier for Software developers: to have to, Instead of the previous platform-specific Apps, build, developers can use to Create Apps for Windows 10 in the future, all platforms. Apps for Windows 10 can then, with Win32, UWP, .NET Core and C++ to be developed.

UWP makes the beginning

first of all, the WinUI 3.0 Alpha will run on the UWP. A future Feature will be a WebView; this function is not currently implemented. In the future, developers should be able to develop with the Templates of the new Visual Studio 2019 project WinUI Apps. For existing UWP-XAML-Apps some Updates will be necessary when they are migrated to WinUI 3.0, says Microsoft-page. This information has released the company's Software-developer Ginny Caughey on your Twitter account. Ginny Caughey created for Microsoft Windows Store applications in the Consumer sector and is regarded as the Insider.

Microsoft's plans for the merge of Win32 and the UWP have been made known by the company some months ago.

WinUI 3.0 Alpha: Outlook and Updates

Microsoft plans to make the tool box in the Version v6.Opening 0 in the current year 2019 for the Windows Community. The Community Toolkit, intended for with the WindowsXAMLHost and control elements. NET be brought as a joint package on the market. The Launch of this Previews has been announced by Microsoft for the second half of the year 2019, would have to stand directly in front of the door, such as blogger Mary Jo Foley on your pages „All about Microsoft“ informs.

Soon, there could be a Preview of the Toolkit in Version 6.1, which is the .NET Core 3 – Version includes. news .NET Core 3.0, we have prepared in the expert check, in addition, our experts have your personal Feature-list .NET 5 selected.

For More news from the Ignite

We report in the coming days for more news from the home of Microsoft, which will be announced during the Ignite conference. The Ignite is next to Build and Inspire a „Flagship Events“ by Microsoft. The current Keynotes the Ignite conference to be transmitted on the Internet.

The Release-Note to WinUI 3.0 Alpha has been released in the Microsoft Dev Center. Highlights of the development of WinUI 3.0 Alpha, there is regularly the for Microsoft as a developer working Ginny Caughey on Twitter.


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