WordPress 5.3 released with new Features

Alex Alex 13 November 2019
WordPress 5.3 released with new Features

Under the name „Kirk“ released the WordPress Team released the new Version of WordPress 5.3. New Features include Revisions to the block editor, Gutenberg, the new default Theme, Twenty Twenty, as well as support for PHP 7.4.

„Kirk“ is the Name for WordPress 5.3. The version name is reminiscent of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the well-known multi-instrumentalist of Modern Jazz,. With the current Version of the Content Management System receives the new Theme Twenty Twenty as well as Revisions for the block editor Gutenberg.

WordPress 5.3: The Features for the block editor Gutenberg

WordPress 5.3 holds according to the Release Note more than 150 new features and Revisions for ease of use. Among the innovations in the navigation mode, for example, in the Dashboard. Users who navigate with the keyboard through the Dashboard, you can jump by using the navigation mode from Block to Block, without having to go through each part of the block control system to navigate. The following example serves to illustrate, and the Release Note has been removed:

Also on the design flexibility has been worked. WordPress 5.3 provides the possibility of available pages in the group of blocks enclose, and thus in sections. For the spaced side portions of different colors can be selected. Here is an example from the Release Note:

in addition, the columns to support the Block with the Update new fixed column widths. In addition, new pre-defined Layouts have been added. The Other header blocks to now include controls for Text and background colors.

on the Occasion of the first birthday of the block editor, Gutenberg, WordPress Team, WordPress 5.3 has introduced the Theme Twenty Twenty. It is based on the Theme Chaplin and should be completely compatible with the block editor Gutenberg. Through the dynamic adjustment and selection of the blocks, is likely to be able to the Theme the individual needs of the users*customize interior.

exciting new features

images are to be Upload automatically, using the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF). Added to this is a „+“-sign, which refers, in a field on the Site Health Check. Thus, any problems occurring with the site to be quickly recognized.

you can also use a regular query to the Admin E-Mail address has been Introduced in the application as an Administrator. With the automatic test, if the Admin Mail address is up to date, is to be prevented that the user or the user is logged out when you Change the E-Mail address.

WordPress 5.3 to support the upcoming PHP-7.4-Version. Obsolete components should be removed to ensure compatibility.

for More information on the current Version can be found in the Release Note the official WordPress site.


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