Wulin Divine Comedy

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01 September 2022

Seeing that Lu Caihe paid no attention to himself, Qingjun said anxiously, "Caihe, listen to my explanation. It's not like what you saw. I.." Without waiting for Qingjun to finish, Lu Caihe interrupted, "That's your business. It has nothing to do with me. Please get out of the way. I have something to go out. Qingjun knew that he was afraid that he had really hurt her heart, and he couldn't help scolding himself for being a bastard. But at the moment, he couldn't let Lu Caihe leave. So he stood in the middle of the road and said to Lu Caihe, "Caihe, a lot of things have happened since we separated that day. Will you listen to me slowly?"? I Lu Caihe squinted at Lu Caihe, as if he had not heard what Qingjun said, and saw Qingjun standing in the middle of the road chattering endlessly, ignoring it, and moved directly from Qingjun's side. Qingjun didn't expect that Lu Caihe didn't pay any attention to what he said. He was so determined to leave. He couldn't help being a little nervous. He turned around and ran after him and said, "Caihe, I know I'm wrong. Please give me a chance to make up for it." Lu Caihe could not help walking when he heard this, and there was a trace of struggle on his face, but then he stepped away, suddenly as if he remembered something, and suddenly stopped. When Qingjun saw that Lu Caihe had stopped, he hurried to catch up with him and said, "Caihe,digital touch screen board, I knew you were the softest." Lu Caihe was noncommittal about Qingjun's words. He turned sideways and said in a flat voice, "Brother Jueshen, I've been looking for you in Jianghu for months after your accident. Although I've been looking for you for a long time, there's no result.". If you have time, please remember your sworn feelings and go out to inquire about it. Then, without waiting for Qingjun to have any reaction and promise, he immediately turned around and walked away. Lu Caihe's horse was tied up in the woods outside the courtyard, only a few feet away from here. Lu Caihe used flying skills at his feet and got on the horse in a twinkling of an eye, only to hear a neigh,smart interactive whiteboard, and the horse had already raised its hooves and left. Qingjun originally saw Lu Caihe would stop to talk to himself, there is still some joy under the heart, but I didn't expect to get on the horse and leave in a flash of lightning, Qingjun hurriedly chased outside, but because of the loss of martial arts is a step too late, such as Qingjun on the horse tied outside, Lu Caihe's horse has disappeared, Qingjun looked at the direction of Lu Caihe's disappearance, He slapped himself with his backhand. . Chapter 98 confession After Helian Yanying returned to her house, because she missed Qingjun in her heart, she was afraid that her father would make things difficult for him, and that Lu Caihe would not forgive them, so she kept turning around like a headless fly in the house. After thinking about it again and again, he could not hold back and came to the living room. At this time, Helian Feng was sitting alone in the living room, interactive touch screens education ,4k smart board, thinking about who he would help if Qingjun and his three children started to make trouble? Seeing her daughter come in slowly, she immediately said with a black face, "Why don't you go to rest and come here?" Helian Yanying saw that there was no Qingjun in the living room. Ignoring Helian Feng's words, she asked anxiously, "Where is Brother Jun?" When Helian Feng heard this, he said in a deep voice, "Don't worry. I won't kill him yet." When Helian Yanying heard this, she couldn't put her heart at ease. She asked again, "Dad, where is Brother Jun?" Helian Feng glared at Helian Yanying and said, "What do you think?" Then he glanced at Helian Yanying and said, "Why are you so stupid? You just went up the mountain with him once. Why did you give yourself to him? You said..". You let me He Lianfeng could not say anything, after all, he was a father, and some words were not easy to say. Helian Yanying was a little shy when she heard this. She walked over a few steps and said to Helian Feng, "I'm sorry, Dad.". Don't blame Brother Jun. I'm willing to do all this. He Lianfeng took a look at his daughter with pity and said, "Do you know that smelly boy has another person he likes?" Helian Yanying was stunned when she saw her father asking about it, but she quickly reacted. She nodded and said, "Dad, are you talking about Sister Caihe?"? Brother Jun told me everything. He Lianfeng nodded and said, "The smelly boy is not bad, but he didn't lie to you. What are you going to do?"? Are you really going to serve a husband with that girl of Caihe? Helian Yanying nodded without thinking: "Since I have chosen brother Jun, I naturally want to tolerate everything about him.". ” When Helian Feng heard this, he sighed and said, "Girl, why are you so stupid?"? What kind of man can't you find with your beauty and life experience? Why did you hang yourself on this tree? With tears in her eyes, Helian Yanying said to Helian Feng, "Dad, I know you are good for me, but I really like him." Helian Feng reached out and hugged Helian Yanying and nodded to show his understanding. In the living room, Helian Feng's father and daughter are performing the love of licking the calf, and Qingjun breaks in at the wrong time. When Helian Feng saw Qingjun come in, he let go of Helian Yanying and said to Qingjun, "How's it going?"? But did you agree with the girl of Caihe? Helian Yanying had her back to the door, so after listening to Helian Feng's words, she quickly turned her head, and her eyes were full of expectations for the answers to the questions Helian Feng had just asked. After all, now is not only the problem of Qingjun and Lu Caihe, but also her. When Qingjun saw the appearance of their father and daughter, he smiled even uglier than crying. "She's gone," he said. When Helian Feng heard this, he suddenly stood up from his chair. He stared at Qingjun and said, "Are you leaving?"? What do you mean? Where did you go? Qingjun shook his head and leaned back feebly on a chair beside him, as if there was no trace of life. Helian Yanying looked at Ailang with heartache. Although she didn't understand why Lu Caihe left, she knew that Qingjun felt the most uncomfortable at the moment. So she quickly stopped Helian Feng who wanted to ask questions. She walked over gently and said softly to Qingjun, "But sister Caihe refused to accept me. If..". If Helian Yanying was going to say, "If it's because of her, she's willing to quit," but she couldn't say it. Her love for Qingjun was true after all. Qingjun shook his head and saw that Helian Yanying looked like I felt pity for her. He couldn't bear to say,smart board touch screen, "It's none of your business. I hurt her heart. It's better to let her go out to relax." Only then did he remember the purpose of his visit. He stood up and said to Helian Feng, "Senior, the younger generation has something to ask for." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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