Xbox IP Address Finder: Find Xbox IP Address (Quick & Easy Ways) 2022

Xbox IP Address Finder: Find Xbox IP Address (Quick & Easy Ways) 2022
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01 September 2022

The Xbox is a great sports news platform. Players can play any game and have fun with their friends. When you play online on the Xbox console, you must share all IP addresses. It doesn't matter what game you play or what platform you use. Also, other activities you do online will show your IP address.


Microsoft's Xbox has always been considered an underground console after Sony's PlayStation. Plus, with over 100 million active users, it's a platform that's still in use. Maybe someone did the worst thing about the Xbox resolver while gaming, and you want to find a smart guy. There are several reasons for knowing Xbox One IP address.

In this article, I will show you how to find the domain address of any Xbox player using IP address logging tools or simple social engineering. 

Why do I need someone's IP address on my Xbox?

You will find that each time you log into the Xbox One website, you will be assigned a different IP address, depending on your network configuration. This is usually not a problem, but there are times when having a stable IP address is useful.


Some players play in African countries but may be European or American. He brought nothing with you; if you're involved in a sensitive discussion that could take you off the pitch, you need to make sure you're in the right place.

Once you have received the other games IP address, IP, this can be checked with an IP monitoring service such as the player's ISP and time zone.

How do I get someone's IP address for Xbox?

Use Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is an advanced IP address monitoring tool. This tool allows user to track Xbox user IP address using simple steps and tricks.

Developers after work give you a free option to access the IP addresses of nearly 5 million Xbox gamers. Depending on the size, the cost is not too high. However, the service is still free and you can try it out.


Step1. First, sign into your built-in Xbox account, then find a friend who wants to track your IP address. Maybe someone is on your friends list or not. Otherwise, add the user

Step 2: Search Gamertag/Username with search image to add friend. Click the "Add Friend" button when you find a specific user. When they receive your application, they will be among your friends.

Step 3: To get the IP address, first invite game users or talk to them.

Step 4: When someone is prompted, the IP address may fall on a specific IP address.


Step 5: Open the Xbox Solution Channel with Gamertag information and purchase the solution. Go to the "IP Address Viewer" option and enter the string to summarize when you are done.

Step 6: The ARP button starts working when the user clicks on a specific link. Next, check the IP address in the "ka" box and change it to "to" to load the associated IP address.

Step 7: Find the filter option and type "3074" and "A". It will start showing the "read first" sign when you do. You may see other IP addresses that are not related to festivals or stadiums.

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