Xiao Ran Meng Volume 2

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"Oh." I took another sip and smiled slightly. "I don't know so much. I only know whether it tastes good or bad.". By the way, what kind of tea is this, yellow tea? Wei Ling Feng nodded, took the cup from the maid, and replied, "It's yellow tea, with a small amount of'cold fragrance '." Leng Xiang? My heart "stomped" for a moment, and some ominous premonition flashed through my mind. Your Majesty, would you like some ambergris? Wei Lingfeng waved his hand gently and said, "Light it." "Bang-" my whole body shook violently, and the cup in my hand broke. Ambergris.. Leng Xiang. How could it be so coincidental? Plus.. Mandala, don't.. My face changed fiercely, and I pushed myself up and rushed to the door. Who knows, I just sat cross-legged for too long, and when I stepped down the steps, I only felt a numbness below my knees, and I couldn't hold up my body any more. With a loud cry, he twisted and fell to one side in confusion. The expected pain did not come, only to hear Wei Ling's low curse, barely catching my falling body, but failed to stop the momentum of the forward rush. My body was firmly protected in his arms, a sudden roll, I heard him snort, and before I could react, I rolled over the steps, my back had landed gently. Then, the weight of Wei Ling's whole body. It's all on top of me. Back. Your back, it just hit the steps.. Are you all right? Still in shock, I looked up at his handsome face, frowning slightly because of the pain, and asked with some concern. He pulled his hand out of the back of my head, stroking my cheek with his long fingers, and the light in his eyes was soft and hot. Deep and magnetic voice, with the warm breath on my face, rang in my ears: "You want me.." What can I do with you? The irritability in my heart is floating and sinking, and I can feel the ambiguity of the atmosphere at this time. I managed to suppress the restlessness in my heart and whispered in his ear, "Wei Ling Feng, you let them all go out. I have something important to ask you." Wei Lingfeng raised his eyebrows to look at my solemn look, his eyes flashed slightly, and suddenly the corners of his mouth raised a smile of evil charm. The light on my face made me come to my senses for a moment. The next second, the hot and moist breath suddenly clung to my lips tightly. I stared at the handsome face close at hand. His eyes seemed to be burning, and the lips that clung to me were burning hot. I tried my best to push him away, but there was a natural difference between men and women, not to mention that I could not borrow my strength when I was lying on the ground. Whoo-you put.. I put my hands on his chest and opened my mouth to be scolded, but I just let him pry open his lips and teeth and take the opportunity to chase the tip of my tongue and attack the city. Anger surged into my heart, Inflatable water park on lake , and I punched him in the jaw with both hands. Close to my lips but suddenly left, a pair of warm hands suddenly grabbed my fisted wrists, the air with a chill into my mouth, I can not help but suck greedily. In the room, only I and his heavy panting sound. Wei Ling Feng, don't go too far! I fiercely waved my wrists, which he held easily in one hand, and scolded bitterly. But immediately, I did not dare to move again, because it was only in vain, the wrist was fixed in his hand, simply can not move half a silk. However, the big hand holding them became more and more hot because of my struggle, and the hand holding my waist could feel its hot temperature through the layers of clothes. All this scares me, not to mention the obvious feeling that he. The change of the lower part of my body made my face pale, and I didn't have the courage to move again. Wei Lingfeng gazed at my bloodless face, the desire in his eyes slowly faded, turned to a faint helplessness and smile, his body gently rolled aside, his hands leisurely holding his head, so he lay flat on the ground with me. I took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. On one side of his head, he saw a sarcastic smile on Wei Lingfeng's face. His voice had not faded, but it was even more sexy: "Now they're all out. What's the matter? Say it." XD's! Now I finally understand that I have been tricked! I mercilessly glared at him, the heart way: "Wait for me to finish, see you still smile not to smile!"! Chapter 25 your heart is unpredictable. I gradually calmed my heart and breath and walked quietly to the window. Sure enough, a faint and almost inaudible fragrance of Datura flowers came to my face. I raised my pale hands, which trembled uncontrollably, and closed the window. In my heart, it is absolutely a lie to say that I am not afraid. I turned around and looked at Wei Ling, who was already sitting on the edge of the bed. I gritted my teeth and asked, "Who planted these manta flowers?" Wei Lingfeng's complexion did not change. He replied lightly, "These flowers have always been planted in the palace.". Because the queen mother liked it, and then I ordered people to plant some. "What about ambergris?" I approached the table, took a glass of water, and put out the incense. Wei Lingfeng frowned slightly. "What do you want to ask?" I looked at him seriously. "Why ambergris?" "The queen mother liked this incense, so she ordered people to find the most authentic one from thousands of miles away and sent some to." I and the other concubines. The more Wei Ling said, the more absent-minded he was, but the more he frowned, the tighter he stood up and walked up to me. Where is Junshan Silver Needle? I suppressed the trembling all over my body and opened my mouth. "The queen mother, too?" Why? If someone else can figure it out, but Wei Ling Feng is clearly her own son, why do you do this? Wei Ling Feng's eyes narrowed gently, and his whole body was full of dangerous breath. His voice was calm but full of inexplicable hostility: "I have no patience to listen to you in a roundabout way." "Wei Ling Feng, you can not believe what I said, because even I am not sure whether these are coincidences or not." I licked my dry lips, and my heart beat as hard as a drum. I don't know if it was because of fear or something else, but I still said the following words word by word. Datura flower, ambergris and cold incense,Inflatable indoor park, either alone or in a mixture of the two, are common. But once the three fragrances blend and are inhaled into the human body for a long time.. Wei Ling's eyes slowly gathered cold, and his voice was cold: "How about long-term inhalation?"? It's a slow poison. 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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