YouTube Navigation Drawer: How To Use It Like A Pro?

YouTube Navigation Drawer: How To Use It Like A Pro?
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24 November 2022

Regular YouTube users or professional YouTubers may be familiar with the latest updates. YouTube has launched many amazing features, but one of the best in its new navigation drawer. The navigation drawer is the compass in the above-left corner of YouTube's home screen. It allows you to browse categories, channels, playlists, movies, and TV shows that you might be interested in. This addition made things easier for all the users on YouTube. Many users don’t know how to use or make your YouTube video viral like a professional. So if you want to get started, we have put together this guide for you.

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YouTube Navigation Drawer: What Is It?

You may need clarification about the YouTube Navigation Drawer or what it acts as. You can see this “compass” drawer in the above-left corner of the application. Here you can search for new videos and content. You can do it using the YouTube navigation drawer containing various categories. Trending, Shopping, Music, Films, Live, Gaming, News, Sports, Learning, and Fashion & Beauty are a few of these categories. Let’s see how different categories work:

#1: Trending:

When you click on this category, you will see further subcategories; music, gaming, and movies. The Trending tab shows the popular videos people watch from all categories you are interested in.

#2: Shopping:

You can access shopping by clicking on the "Shopping" tab. This category contains the trending products people are interested in buying, using, and making reviews on. Here you can get ideas and check out videos and reviews on different products and services.

#3: Music:

It is a tab that shows all the trending songs in any category or genre of your choice. You can also see the music videos and a list of related lyrics that people watch on YouTube.

#4: Films:

Here you can visit all the popular movies and TV shows. From here, you will discover many interesting facts about each movie or show and read reviews from YouTube's top video reviewers.

#5: Live:

Here you can find live performances from popular YouTube channels related to your interests. You can watch the videos here and enjoy them.

#6: Gaming:

Here you will see popular games, top gamers, and other related videos. You can also find live stream channels, interesting tutorials, and more related to this category.

#7: News:

You can find news related to any event or topic. You can watch the latest news for trending events or topics on YouTube.

#8: Sport:

This category contains videos based on particular sports. It will be quite useful for those interested in these sporty things. This category is also related to other trending news and events that are happening around the world.

#9: Learning:

It will be one of the most interesting categories. Here you can see the latest tutorials focusing on education, health, cooking, lifestyle, travel, and other educational stuff.

#10: Fashion & Beauty:

This one is another great category containing all the fashion and beauty videos. You can see many tips, reviews, products, and other things in this category.


YouTube navigation drawer is the best feature offered by YouTube developers. You can also create trending videos and get youtube views. It will make things easier for you on YouTube. Users can use this feature to explore new videos and content on YouTube. You can discover new areas and categories for their interest.

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