What are the 7 articles of the constitution?

The 7 articles of the United States Constitution are:

  1. Article I - The Legislative Branch This article creates the legislative branch of the government, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It outlines the powers of Congress and the procedures for making laws.

  2. Article II - The Executive Branch This article establishes the executive branch of the government, headed by the president. It defines the powers and duties of the president and outlines the procedures for electing the president and vice president.

  3. Article III - The Judicial Branch This article creates the judicial branch of the government, which includes the Supreme Court and other federal courts. It outlines the jurisdiction and powers of the courts and defines the role of judges.

  4. Article IV - The States This article outlines the relationship between the states and the federal government. It establishes the concept of federalism and the rights and duties of the states.

  5. Article V - Amendment Process This article details the procedures for proposing and ratifying amendments to the Constitution.

  6. Article VI - Supremacy Clause This article establishes the Constitution and federal laws as the supreme law of the land, and requires all public officials to take an oath to support the Constitution.

  7. Article VII - Ratification This article outlines the procedures for ratifying the Constitution, including the requirement that nine states had to approve it before it went into effect.

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