What is the oldest computer still in production use?

09 May 2023 · 13 ·

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It is difficult to identify the oldest computer still in production use since there are different definitions of what constitutes a computer and what it means to be "still in production use." However, one example of an old computer still in use is the Harwell Dekatron (also known as WITCH), which was built in 1951 and is currently on display at The National Museum of Computing in the UK. The computer was used for scientific calculations and was decommissioned in 1973, but was restored to working order in 2012 and is now demonstrated to visitors at the museum. While the Harwell Dekatron is no longer in active use, it is considered to be the world's oldest original working digital computer.

12 December 2023

"In the realm of enduring technology, the IBM 1401 stands as one of the oldest computers still in production use, dating back to its introduction in 1959. Remarkably resilient, it continues to contribute to various computing tasks. On a different note, akin to the lasting legacy of the IBM 1401, the Sakrete calculator exemplifies enduring utility in its domain. This specialized tool, designed for precise concrete calculations, showcases how enduring concepts can persist in the digital age, providing reliable solutions to contemporary challenges."

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