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Future | Trends and COVID-19 Impact on the AI in Medical Diagnostics Market

AI and radiomics, which are being applied to X-ray and CT scans as advanced imaging tools in the detection and follow-up of COVID-19, have been able to diagnose the presence of the...

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Webtoon ai painter

>>> Webtoon ai painter LoveBot Naver has started testing the "Webtoon AI Painter," an automated digital painting program for webtoon artists. Webtoon ai painter allows beginne...

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Digital Transformation in Education: Trends & Strategies for 2022

Digital transformation in the field of education is not just limited to teaching and learning. Let us talk about the main aspects of digitization in the education sector.

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Data Science In School Initiative | Edvantic

Data science enhances the way students approach & understand their career paths as well as the opportunities they will get in the future to apply for their desired job roles.

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How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting Healthcare?

AI technology is transforming healthcare in a big way, especially in the context of health-related mobile apps and other medical tools to improve care. Rae Steinbach, Head of Produ...

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Artificial intelligence in action: how smart algorithms help improve business processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for business development. For companies working with huge flows of information, it literally becomes a lifesaver - it helps to perfo...

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AI Applications In IT Industry - Role & Transformation

Somebody once said that soon we would be living in the future, which is not a very wrong statement. We are technically living in the future, and all this is thanks to technological...

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What are the top tech trends available in 2022

As the new year begins, now is the ideal moment to assess past performance and establish recurring patterns. If you consider how far technology has come in the last ten years, you...

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The Role Of AI Technology In BioMedical Engineering - A Guide For 2022

AI (artificial intelligence) is being used more and more in the field of medicines. This is because the purpose of machines was to reduce human effort. Now, it has increased the us...

Emily Bryant · 22 June · 56

5 Tech Trends to Transform Business

Introduction Technology trends are growing at a rapid pace all across the world. We interact with technology everywhere and 24x7. Whether it’s a home, office, school, or any other...

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence by Brook Jessica Kaio

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Various Fields From Brook Jessica Kaio Brook Jessica Kaio from Australia has expressed her views in recent interviews and articles. She ha...

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Help Technology Companies Develop Processes for Safer Artificial Intelligence

Security experts at the University of York have developed the first standardized program to help ensure the safety of robots, delivery drones, self-driving cars or any product that...

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What are the ethical principles of AI?

Artificial intelligence ethics deal with ethical and moral issues related to artificial intelligence. AI is becoming an integral part of our lives. It is everywhere in our smartp...

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How to Wire a Computer Like a Human Brain

The central processing unit, or CPU, that’s the key to making your home computer work is often likened to a brain, but the truth is it’s nothing like the brains found in nature or...

Alex · 09 November 2020 · 57

Become an In-Demand Machine Learning and AI Pro with these top 10 AI certifications

The innovative creation of smart machines is done by the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. These machines have the ability to perform some tough activities which require the...

Lori Smith · 02 November 2020 · 31

Will Nvidia Chips Be Inside Everything?

Nvidia is trying to strong-arm its way into more devices than ever before. And yes, this article is going to be about Nvidia's acquisition of Arm. At first, the two companies don'...

Alex · 16 October 2020 · 25