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So You Want To Be A Cloud Developer

What is Cloud Development? In a nutshell, it is software development, but focused on the cloud. Let me show you. When Netflix started in 1997, they only offered DVD rentals by mai...

05 November 2020 · 15

So You Want To Be A Cloud Architect

Architecture the signs of designing buildings and all the physical structures and environments. But what happens when we apply it to a technology where there are no physical struct...

05 November 2020 · 20

Linux This Month - BottleRocket is GA, GNOME 3.38 is out, and go for a drive with Super Tux Kart

Google's android 11 has released on September 8th, 2020, and now offers additional benefits to enterprise clients. The introduction of asset management and personal use policies me...

01 October 2020 · 52