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Minecraft Jungle Biomes Explained

Jungles are among the largest and most diverse biomes found in Minecraft. Here's how to locate a Jungle in Minecraft and what to expect when you get there. Information in this article applies to all versions of Minecraft including Minecraft: Pocket Edition. How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft Jungles are considered to be rare in the game. Jungles li...

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Minecraft Star Stampy Cat To Deliver RSE Christmas Lecture

Minecraft star Stampy Cat to give an RSE Christmas lecture 27 November 2015 YouTube and Minecraft legend Stampy Cat will deliver a lecture to more than 2,000 Dundee schoolchildren. Stampy - his real name is Joseph Garrett - will give the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Christmas lecture at the city's Caird Hall on Monday. The creator of the "Let's Pl...

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ATLauncher Modpack Launcher For Minecraft

We've just released version of the launcher that includes beta support for ARM based devices and preparations for translations and multilanguage support. The previous version of ATLauncher wasn't working well with ARM devices, but with this update, we've added support for running Minecraft on ARM devices. We've tested this out on a lot an...

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