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What is Elrond EGLD? Elrond EGLD coin Explained

The Elrond EGLD token has grown explosively in the last year, but what is the Elrond platform all about, and how does it measure up against the competition? Elrond is a smart cont...

Alex · 19 December 2021 · 75

Ethereum dapps get cozy on Binance Smart Chain

Binance started as a popular  centralized crypto exchange,   which in 2020 saw a record total trading  volume of over 3 trillion dollars. Since then, Binance has expanded to  becom...

Alex · 12 May 2021 · 55

Nano Crypto 2021

Near instant, fee-less transactions that are  finalized in less than a second and are limited in   number only by network latency. If you’re thinking  I must be talking about credi...

Den W. · 28 January 2021 · 651