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Canada Introduces Special Visa Program for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Canada has taken a significant step towards attracting skilled individuals from around the world by announcing its plans to introduce a special visa program for remote workers. As part of its efforts to position itself as a global leader in tech tale...

Ankush Makde · 11 July 2023 · 1

5 Destinations Perfect for Digital Nomads

According to the broke backpacker, 35 million digital nomads exist globally, and 11 million come from the U.S. alone. Digital nomads are individuals that don't depend on a particular location. They are remote workers and don't need to be physically p...

Angela Ash · 18 November 2022 · 10

How To Live A Decentralized Lifestyle As A Crypto Digital Nomads

Crypto Digital Nomads are the latest trend in the digital, crypto-owned travel universe. This refers to a person who is using crypto to finance their travel plans. And yes, you can do it too. With innovative blockchain travel projects such as the Orf...

Rajeev Sharma · 31 October 2022 · 7