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The Future of Linux: Exploring Immutable Distributions

If you're a Linux enthusiast, you've likely come across terms like "immutable distribution", "OS3", or "image-based operating system". These concepts have been gaining traction in the Linux community, sparking curiosity about their significance. In t...

Den W. · 15 September · 90

Best Linux distro in 2020

Thanks to the large community of Linux users, there are countless distributions that are always up-to-date for free download.  In the DistroWatch hit ranking you can find 278 different Linux distributions for any purpose.  Among them a...

Alex · 28 August 2020 · 1.7K

Top 3 Desktop Linux Distros For macOS Users

Using Linux gives you more control to the software and hardware you use when compared with macOS. Also, Linux is more customizable than macOS, so here are 3 Linux distributions that follow a desktop layout similar to macOS. Note that I am in no way s...

Den W. · 20 July 2020 · 1.7K