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Crypto News: Polkadot flips Litecoin, EOS takes a hit, and Bitcoin bear market???

If you follow the mainstream media for crypto advice, which is not an activity that we would typically recommend, Bitcoin is in a bear market. Never mind that it’s up almost 200% in the last three months, according to them, a quick 25% drawdow...

Alex · 16 January 2021 · 55

Rocket prototypes

History knows the legendary prototypes of missiles, which seemed a great achievement in the early cosmic era, sea launch: is the sea dragon rocket real. But not everyone was destined to adapt to the requirements of pond projects, which made them only museum exhibits.                 &...

Strength Honor · 23 March · 66

EOS analyze

Detective satellite devices better process the resulting images if they combine the technologies of spectral chambers of different types, remote sensing. The environmental situation of the planet needs to combine such technologies the best way to analyze the changes in the atmosphere in the best way to analyze.       &...

Strength Honor · 25 February · 99