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Why The Web Is Such A Mess

When Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea  for the World Wide Web back in 1989,   he wrote about a “universal linked  information system”. His exact words:   “a place to be found f...

Den W. · 23 November 2020 · 191

30% of the 1000 largest sites use scripts for hidden identification In sandbox

A group of researchers from Mozilla, the University of Iowa and the University of California have published  their study results of the use of code for hidden user identification o...

Alex · 27 August 2020 · 19

Why You Should Turn On Two Factor Authentication

In 1981, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was shot by a gunman in Washington DC. It wasn’t fatal, but it was close. Reagan was rushed to hospital and in the cha...

Alex · 03 August 2020 · 74